Minus Dare Plus Truth
  1. No Doubling Back
    Originally performed by Jason Mraz
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
    Solo by Chris Joseph
  2. Way to Mandalay
    Originally performed by Blackmore's Night
    Arranged by Caitlin Jackson, Ashley Talsma, and Metta Smeed
    Solo by Veronica Smith
  3. Even Angels Fall
    Originally performed by Jessica Riddle
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
    Solo by Ashley Talsma
  4. This Love
    Originally performed by Maroon 5
    Arranged by Jim Diego
    Solo by Jim Diego
  5. Caught a Lite Sneeze
    Originally performed by Tori Amos
    Arranged by Heath Feldman and Ashley Talsma
    Solo by Katie Hoeg
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel
    Arranged by Sunny Park
  7. Counting Blue Cars
    Originally performed by Dishwalla
    Arranged by Jae-man Woo
    Solo by Heath Feldman
  8. Addicted
    Originally performed by Kelly Clarkson
    Arranged by Sunny Park
    Solo by Ashley Talsma
  9. All Girl Band
    Originally performed in the musical "A My Name is Alice"
    Arranged by Sunny Park
    Solo by Amanda Halash, Sunny Park, and Metta Smeed
  10. Fake Plastic Trees
    Originally performed by Radiohead
    Arranged by Drew Johnson
    Solo by Drew Johnson
  11. Kiss the Girl
    Originally performed in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
    Arranged by Sunny Park
    Solo by Steve Hurvitz
  12. Seven
    Originally performed by Prince
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
  13. At Last
    Originally performed by Etta James
    Arranged by Amanda Halash and Jim Diego
    Solo by Metta Smeed
  14. Sweet Ones
    Originally performed by Sarah Slean
    Arranged by Metta Smeed and Drew Johnson
    Solo by Caitlin Jackson
  15. Sell Out
    Originally performed by Reel Big Fish
    Arranged by Jae-man Woo
    Solo by Chris Joseph and Heath Feldman
  16. Moondance
    Originally performed by Van Morrison
    Arranged by Metta Smeed and Steve Hurvitz
    Solos by Emily Wilson
  17. Come Sail Away
    Originally performed by Styx
    Arranged by Metta Smeed
    Solo by Katie Hoeg

The voices of Gimble on this recording are...

Ervis Burda
Jim Diego
Labe Eden
Jeff Everett
Heath Feldman
George Fong
Alli Gray
Amanda Halash
Katie Hoeg
Whitney Holmes
Steve Hurvitz
Dana Huyge
Caitlin Jackson
Aymar Jean
Drew Johnson
Chris Joseph
Dara Katz
Esther Ling
Sunny Park
Nick Perez
Stuart Robinson
Metta Smeed
Veronica Smith
Ashley Talsma
Emily Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Jae-man Woo

Produced by Gimble
Sound Engineering by Eric Wojahn and Jeff Vautin
Mixing by Gimble and Eric Wojahn
Digital Mastering by Eric Wojahn and Rob Martens
CD Design by Jim Diego and Dara Katz
Graphic Production and Replication by World Class Tapes, Ann Arbor, MI