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by Dr. Theodore Goodson, III


Professor T GoodsonOur Research group utilizes a number of spectroscopic techniques towards investigating the optical properties and applications of novel organic macromolecular materials. A major emphasis is placed on the new properties observed in organic macromolecules with branching repeat structures as well as organic macromolecules encapsulated with small metal particles. These materials have been suggested to be candidates for variety of applications involving light emitting devices, artificial light harvesting, strong optical limiters, enhanced nonlinear optical effects, quantum optical effects and as sensors in certain organic and biological devices.



About Dr. Theodore Goodson, III

Richard Baryy Bernstein Collegiate
Professor of Chemistry

Professor of Macromolecular Science and Enginnering

Professor of Applied Physics
Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Postdoctoral, University of Chicago and University of Oxford