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Welcome to PALMA!

PALMA - Proyecto Avance: Latino Mentoring Association is a free, bilingual, twice-weekly, student-run education promotion organization that serves Latino families in the Ann Arbor area. More information about PALMA can be found here. You can also contact PALMA by sending an email to

A testimonial from one of our tutors:

“We don't see these people as Latinos; they're just people who work hard and are trying to make their lives a little better. We wish we could show people who haven't experienced this just what that feels like.” - Madeline Conway



  • 2010 Calendar
    • Thursday, September 9 - 6 pm PALMA Meeting (for tutors), 4th floor
    • Thursday, September 9 - 7 pm PALMA Meeting (for Latinos), 4th floor
    • Tuesday, September 14 - 6pm FIRST DAY OF TUTORIALS
    • Thursday October 7 - 6pm, Presentation, 4th floor
    • Thursday October 14 - 6pm Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Science Fair for children in Multi Purpose Room.
    • Thursday, October 26 - 6pm, Midterm Evaluation, 4th floor
    • Tuesday, December 7- 6 pm, Final Evaluation in 4th floor Board Room
    • Thursday, December 9- LAST DAY OF TUTORIALS.

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since December 10, 2009