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  • New iconResources for beginners - Some basic things.
  • Resources for tutors - Some great online resources.
  • K-12 Tutoring Aid - K-12 tutoring in a nutshell.
  • K-12 Teacher Information Sheet - It is important to be in contact with your student's teacher especially concerning the difficult subjects. This form helps to establish communication between the teacher and mentor.
  • Adult Tutoring Aid - A compilation of suggestions and educational exercises.
  • Basic English Assessment - Assesses basic English proficiencies.
  • Basic English Assessment Test - Use this test to assess the level of your participant(s).
  • Upper level English Assessment¬†- Intermediate to Advanced. Assesses proficiencies in English grammar, reading, writing, and conversation.
  • English Proficiency Assessment¬†Test - Use this test to assess the level of your participant. After the test refer to the "Guidance for Adult Tutors - The Game Plan."
  • ESL Tests - The University of Cambridge has compiled a list of ESL examinations. These may be useful tools for evaluation of your participant's progress.
  • Guidance for Adult Tutors - The Game Plan - Once you have identified specific areas that your participant(s) need to improve, plan future lessons accordingly. The e-board has compiled a short list of suggestions and resources so that you can map your next steps in improving the English proficiency of your participant.
  • English as a Second Language Learner Resource - A good resource for all tutors, who want to work on English language proficiency.
  • Adult Tutor Guide - Additional resources and suggestions for tutors of adult participants.
  • Health Promotion Material - Includes: Information about drug labels, drug side effects, and drug warnings -- Helpful quizzes for each topic -- A "how-to" for talking with a 911 operator -- List of medical specialties and descriptions (ex. pediatrician - children's doctor) This download is in .zip format
  • BBC Mundo - BBC provides english articles with spanish titles and definitions for important vocabulary within the article. These are very helpful for teaching older students about grammer and sparks discussion about current issues.
  • Irregular verbs - These are something I usually don't remember offhand. (intermediate - advanced)
  • Grammar - Has a lot of info on english verbs and grammar. (basic-intermediate)
  • Rules for Using the Principal Parts of the Verb - (basic - intermediate)
  • Learning Planet - List of activities by grade level.
  • Funbrain - Good elementary school math games.
  • Starfall - Good introductory, interactive online books. Grades K-2?
  • Adjectives and Numbers Sheet - A basic reference sheet for tutors and participants.
  • Verb Conjugation sheet - A reference sheet for tutors and participants
  • AAPS Curriculum - This is the instructional services website for the Ann Arbor Public Schools. They have posted the Grade Level Content Expectations for K-12. These are the curriculum standards used in the state of Michigan. Additionally, there are grade level skill sheets for grades K-5.


If you know of any websites or resources that you have found helpful concerning any aspect of tutoring, please forward those links to, and tell us why you love it and how you use it.