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Green Greeks Vision

Green Greeks will help greek systems nationwide to operate in a sustainable manner.


Green Greeks Will implement a waste reduction and recycling program throughout the greek system, thereby serving as an environmental role model for the surrounding community.

Green Greeks Will:

  • Help sorority and fraternity houses to reduce their usage of paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass, and textiles; as well as their energy and water consumption.  Green Greeks will then educate sororities and fraternities about the importance of reusing or recycling the waste that their individual houses generate.
  • Serve the community by donating to charity such reusable assets as old clothes, furniture, and used books.  Furthermore, Green Greeks will create partnerships with other service groups to help increase community participation on campus.
  • 30% reduction in total trash that ends up in dumpsters
  • 5% reduction in food waste
  • 15% reduction in water consumption
  • 15% reduction in energy consumption


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