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There are a variety of ministries and service opportunities at His House. Just some of them are listed below. If you are interested in more information about a specific ministry or would like to suggest more ways for us to reach out to the university, please check the Help Us? page or send your suggestion from the Guestbook.

When and Where We Meet

Wednesday Night Worship, 7:00 - 8:30pm
925 E Ann St (We affectionately call it the Campus House, see map)

-- We start with a little singing, a joyful noise to God. Count on the worship being meaningful. We enjoy small group study, discussion and teaching time. The teaching is an in depth Bible study targetting students who desire to understand and apply God's Word in their daily lives. Come get a Biblical perspective on revelant issues of university life along with Discipleship Training from a powerful foundation of Scripture which inspires spiritual growth during the college years.

Join us for other activities too!
Check the upcoming events on the calendar for times and places.

-- Did we mention... retreats... hayrides... Friday night activities... cookouts... and more? We've got just about anything to fit your needs. We get together sometimes for fun and fellowship, and other times to serve others as Christ came to serve us. Still other times we focus on evangelism and outreach activities. We'd love to have you along.

If you want a ride or someone to talk to, just let us know by leaving your name and phone number.

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