Ford Lake Interactive 3D Historical Data Visualization

Interactive 3D Data Visualization by N Formation Design

This 3D visualization shows historical spatial lake data including temperature, oxygen, algal pigment concentrations and Secchi disk transparency depth (water clarity) throughout the lake. The information is combined with a 3D model of the lake bathymetry to produce an accurate view of spatial and temporal patterns in the historical data.

How to interact with the application:
1. Left-click on the lake and drag your mouse to rotate the model.
2. Right-click and drag your mouse to zoom in and out.
3. Drag the slider bar at the bottom of the application to cycle through the available dates.
4. Use the check boxes at the top of the application to toggle surface views for chlorophyll (Chl), phycocyanin (PC), and Secchi depth.
5. Use the radio buttons to toggle the depth visualization between temperature and oxygen.