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Recent Papers from the Cellular and Biomechanics Laboratory


Kudryashov, SI, Mourou, G, Joglekar, A, Herbstman, JF, and AJ Hunt (2007) Nanochannels fabricated by high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses on dielectric surfaces. Applied Physics Letters, 91:141111

Selected for reprint  in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, Oct 15, 2007, and the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Nov, 2007


Schek III, HT, Gardner, MK, Cheng, J, Odde, DJ and AJ Hunt (2007) Microtubule Assembly Dynamics at the Nanoscale, Current Biology, 17:1445–1455

Reviewed  in Current Biology  “dispatches.”


Lee, S, Bull, JL and AJ Hunt (2007) Acoustic phenomena during femtosecond laser machining, Applied Physics Letters, 91:23111

Selected for reprint  in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, July 23, 2007, and the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Aug, 2007



28) Hoff, J.D., Cheng, LJ, Meyhöfer, E., Guo, L.J., A.J. Hunt (2004) Nanoscale Protein Patterning by Imprint Lithography. Nano Letters. 4(5):853-857


29) Joglekar, A., Liu, H.H., Meyhöfer, E., Mourou, G., and A.J. Hunt. (2004) Optics at Critical Intensity: Applications to Nanomorphing. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 101(16):5856-5861


This article was the subject of multiple review articles published in nanoengineering focused journals, including “Engineering Times” and “The Engineer”.

30) Lindemann, C.B., and A.J. Hunt. (2003) Does axonemal dynein push, pull or oscillate? Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 56:237-244


31) Joglekar, A., Liu, H.H., Spooner, G.J., Meyhöfer, E., Mourou, G., and A.J. Hunt. (2003) A Study of the Deterministic Character of Optical Damage by Femtosecond Laser Pulses and Applications to Nanomachining. App. Phys. B. 77(1):25-30


32) Brouhard, G., Schek, H., and A.J. Hunt. (2003) Advanced optical tweezers for the study of cellular and molecular biomechanics. IEEE J. Trans. Biomed. Eng. 50:121


33) Joglekar, A., & A.J. Hunt. 2002. A simple, mechanistic model for directional instability during mitotic chromosome movement. Biophys. J. 83:42-58


34) Shapiro, P.S., Vaisberg, E., Hunt, A.J., Tolwinski, N.S., Whalen, A.M., McIntosh, J.R., & Ahn, N.G. (1998) Activation of the MKK/ERK Pathway during Somatic Cell Mitosis: Direct Interactions of Active ERK with Kinetochores and Regulation of the Mitotic 3F3/2 Phosphoantigen. J. Cell Biol. 142:1533-1545.


35) Hunt, A.J., & J.R. McIntosh. (1998) The dynamic behavior of individual microtubules associated with chromosomes in vitro. Mol. Biol. Cell 9:2857-2871


36) Hunt, A.J. (1998) Molecular motors – Keeping the beat. Nature 393:624-625


This article was reprinted in a special issue of Nature highlighting articles of particular interest.

37) Mooney, J.F., Hunt, A.J., McIntosh, J.R., Liberko, C.A., Walba, D.M., & C.T. Rogers. (1996) Patterning of functional antibodies and other proteins by photolithography of silane monolayers. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 93:12287-12291


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40) Howard, J., Hunt, A.J., S. Baek. (1993) Assay of Microtubule Movement Driven by Single Kinesin Molecules. Methods Cell Biol. 39:137-147


Gupta, KK, Paulson, BA, Folker, ES, Charlebois, B, Hunt, AJ and HV Goodson (2008) The minimal plus-end tracking unit of the cytoplasmic linker protein CLIP-170. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(11): 6735-6742.


Cheng, J, Türkel, N, Hemati, N, Fuller, MT, Hunt, AJ and YM Yamashita (2008) Centrosome misorientation reduces stem cell division during ageing. Nature, 456(7222):599-604.

Subject of News & Views article appearing in the same issue


An, R, Hoffman, MD, Donoghue, MA, Hunt, AJ, and SC Jacobson (2008) Water-assisted femtosecond laser machining of electrospray nozzles on glass microfluidic devices. Optics Express, 16(19):15206-15211.


Herbstman, JF, Yalisove, SM, and AJ Hunt (2008) Morphologies and nonlinear scaling of laser damage on glass surfaces by tightly focused femtosecond pulses. Applied Physics Letters, 93:011112

Selected for reprint in the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Aug, 2008


Lorch, DP, Lindemann, CB, and A.J. Hunt (2008) The Motor Activity of Mammalian Axonemal Dynein Studied In Situ on Doublet Microtubules. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 65(6):487-94.


An, R, Uram, J, Yusko, E, Ke, Ke, Mayer, M and A.J. Hunt (2008) Ultrafast laser fabrication of submicrometer pores in borosilicate glass. Optics Letters, 33(10):1153-1155.

Selected for reprint in the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, July, 2008


Gardner, MK, Hunt, AJ, Goodson, HV, and DJ Odde (2008) Microtubule Assembly Dynamics: New Insights at the Nanoscale. Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 20:64–70


Cheng, J., and Hunt, A.J. (2009) Time-lapse Live Imaging of Stem Cells in Drosophila Testis. Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology, 11: 2E.2.1-2E.2.8.


Ke, K., Cheng, J., and Hunt, A.J. (2009). The Distribution of Polar Ejection Forces Determines the Amplitude of Chromosome Directional Instability. Current Biology, 19(10): 807-815.


Lee, S, An, R, and AJ Hunt (2010) Liquid Glass Electrodes for Nanofluidics. Nature Nanotechnology, Published online: 16 May 2010 | doi:10.1038/nnano.2010.81.

Featured in press reports from Nature, the BBC, Scientific American, and others.


Yamashita, YM, Yuan, H, Cheng, J, and AJ Hunt (2010) Polarity in stem cell division: asymmetric stem cell division in tissue homeostasis. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2010 Jan;2(1):a001313


Charlebois, B., Schek, H.T., and Hunt, A.J. (2010) Nanometer-resolution microtubule polymerization assays using optical tweezers and microfabricated barriers. Methods in Cell Biology, in press.


Cheng, J, Waite, AL, Tkaczyk, ER, Ke, K., Richards, N, Hunt, AJ, and DL Gumucio (2010) Kinetic Properties of ASC Protein Aggregation in Epithelial Cells. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 222: 738-747.




Gardner, MK, Charlebois, BD, Jánosi, IM, Howard, J, Hunt, AJ, Odde, DJ (2011) Rapid Microtubule Self-Assembly Kinetics. Cell, 146: 582-592


Charlebois, BD, Kollu, S,  Schek III, HT, Compton, DA , Hunt AJ (2011) Spindle Pole Mechanics Studied in Mitotic Asters: Dynamic Distribution of Spindle Forces through Compliant Linkages. Biophysical Journal, 100: 1756-1764.