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Organized by students of the University of Michigan,  Middle School Model United Nations (MIMUN) aims to raise middle school  students; awareness of international issues and prepare them for a  globalized world. Prior to the conference, students are expected to  learn about issues of a carefully chosen topic. During the conference, the students will debate the topics that they have been researching for from the point of view of an assigned country. Ultimately, each committee will come to submit a proposal about how problems of a certain topic might be solved. The sixth session of MIMUN will be  held on Friday, 25th March 2011 at the Palmer Commons.

Debating and speaking in front of an audience can be  daunting for middle school students. This is why MIMUN emphasizes small  committees and easily-learned debate format. These allow students to  practice public speaking in an environment that affords individual  attention.

We look forward to seeing you at the MIMUN 2011 at the Michigan League in March.

Akshay Baliga

Secretary General 2010-11


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