IGSA Survey

In order to create events that reflect what the IGSA community wants, we have created a online survey to ask about what you want and expect this year. Complete the survey so we can find out what it is you're looking for! IGSA Survey

IGSA Calendar

The IGSA website now has a calendar under the Events page where you can see future planned events. Every time a new event is planned it will be posted up on the calendar. Email the board to add your event on the calendar.

Iranians-Net Listserv


We have started a new listserv named iranians-net@umich.edu. The purpose of this listserv is to facilitate communication between the members of our community who choose to be on the list to share information, seek advice on different matters, look for roommates, etc. The experience of such lists have proved to be successful among some student communities of our campus.

This list is not moderated, but only its members can contribute to it. If you would like to join the list, but are concerned about the number of emails you may receive each day, you may use the digest setting and receive only one email per day consisting of the last 24 hours of postings, or you may choose to receive no email, and read or respond to the the messages via the Web page for this list.

You can join the list by clicking here and remember that confirmation is required. The features of the list is almost the same as those of the IGSA official listserv. See here for more details.

Please note that this list is administered by IGSA Board. However, IGSA Board does not endorse the content of the emails nor does it take any responsibility for possible inaccurate pieces of information sent to this list. iranian-grads@umich.edu remains the official listserv of IGSA.




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