Javanese Gamelan Endowment
at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies
in support of the
University of Michigan Gamelan Ensemble

Give a gift in support of establishing an endowment to support the University of Michigan Gamelan.

For forty-two years, since its inception in 1968 under the direction of Judith Becker, the University of Michigan Gamelan Ensemble has regularly brought the music, dance and puppetry of Central Java to the stage in Ann Arbor, often featuring performances by eminent Javanese artists-in-residence. During that time, the ensemble has also explored new music composed for gamelan, helped in the training of an important generation of scholars of Southeast Asian music, and exposed students from all areas of the University to the vibrant culture of Indonesia.

In recent years, the gamelan program has benefitted from the presence of a number of superb Javanese artists, and from 2003-2007, we were able to present productions featuring up to one hundred student dancers, gamelan musicians, puppeteers and actors for each performance. It is increasingly challenging, however, to fund the year-long visits of Javanese teachers who have made programs of this magnitude possible.

We are now beginning an effort to establish an endowment for the University of Michigan Gamelan, Kyai Telaga Madu (Venerable Lake of Honey). Building from a generous $8,000 bequest from Rosannah Steinhoff, who with her husband Bill was a loyal member of the gamelan in the 1980s, our immediate goal is to gather donations that allow us to reach the $10,000 threshold required to establish an endowment fund for the gamelan at the University.  From there, we will seek to build the endowment to a size that can offer significant regular support to keep our ties with important Javanese musicians and modern composers strong.

Your gift of any size is a welcome addition towards this goal. 

Matur Nuwun. Terima Kasih. Thank You.

Please enjoy these two videos about the University of Michigan Gamelan, and appreciations of Judith Becker upon her retirement.


Javanese Dance fall 2010
F.X. Widaryanto

F.X. Widaryanto, a rare hybrid among Javanese performing artists, is a famous choreographer, an accomplished gamelan musician, a scholar and a university administrator. Currently the director of Masyarakat Seni Pertunjukan Indonesia, Indonesia's first academic society for the performing arts, he is assistant director at STSI Bandung, a key conservatory of Indonesian music and dance. He holds two national governmental positions. He earned his Master of Arts degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and has published six books on choreography and dance aesthetics and scores of articles, book chapters, and working papers. He has received grants from the Toyota Foundation (2000), the Japan Foundation (1994), the International Institute of the University of Michigan (1995), and Fulbright (1980). This year, he is teaching gamelan and dance classes at UM and will put on a dance drama based on the pan-Islamic Amir Hamzah story, accompanied by gamelan on March 27, 2011.