Alumni Day
On Saturday, October 24, 1998, Iktinos hosted it's First Annual Alumni Day Barbecue
in the Conference Room of the Art and Architecture Building.

In attendance: WGA Ted Ertl, Iktinos Alumni Association President Steve Janick and guest,
Alum Alex Briseno, Alum Chris Kretovic, Alum Tim Calson,
WA Dana Habel, WAA Rodel Borja, WE Albert Law, WS/WC Courtney Donahue, Pledge Trainer emily kuperstein,
Pledge Christine Yee, Pledge Parini Mehta, Pledge Mara Braspenninx, Pledge Adrianna Jordan, Pledge Mark Ritz and Pledge Lina Lee.

The grill was started at 1030AM and chicken, hot dogs and brats were cooked to perfection.
Once the food was cooking, WA Habel gathered everyone in the Conference Room
to update everyone about the status of Alpha Rho Chi at the University of Michigan.

Pledge Yee, WGA Ertl, WA Habel, Pledge Braspenninx, WAA Borja, Pledge Jordan, Pledge Ritz.

(Alum Carlson, Alum Briseno, Alum Kretovic, Alum Janick) 


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