Alpha Rho Chi Hymn
Words by Prof. Herbert R. Cross

Al-pha Rho Chi, to thee, Our dear frat-er-ni-ty,
Sweet songs of loy-al-ty, Glad-ly we raise,
As in our mys-tic band, Hand grasp-ing broth-er's hand
Heart un-to heart we stand, Thy name we praise.

What tho' each one a lone, Help-less and weak be shown,
As in the arch each stone, Use-less a part;
Yet with his fell-ows met, And in the fair curve set,
Each might-y aid shall get, Each strength im-part.

Al-pha Rho Chi, all hail! Thine arch shall never fail,
How-e'er the world a-ssail, Its fab-ric high;
Found-ed on pill-ars strong, No force shall go thee wrong,
Sound shalt thou stand and long, Al-pha Rho Chi.

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