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Table of Contents

Pledge Instructions
Pledging Period Rules
Fraternity Customs
University, College & Chapter
Fraternity Membership
Membership for Life
Professional Etiquette
Responsibilities of Members
Alpha Rho Chi - Current Active Chapters
Alpha Rho Chi - Current Active Alumni Associations
Current Data on APX
Current Information on the Iktinos Chapter
Personal Information
Iktinos Party Rules
Appendix A: Active Member Contact Information
Appendix B: Hazing Policy
Appendix C: Calendar
Appendix D: APX Hymn
Appendix E: Parliamentary Procedures

Pledge Instructions


The requirements of the Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Rho Chi governing the instruction of pledges are paraphrased as follows:

Voting on Candidates - A candidate must be voted on and approved by members of a chapter in order to be pledged and such a vote must again be taken to qualify for initiation based on merit alone.

Instruction of Pledges - Each Chapter shall adopt a definite program of study on the history, organization, administration, and ideals of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity, for the benefit of pledges and newly initiated members. No pledge shall be initiated until a period of pledge training of not less than 8weeks has been completed. This program shall be under the direction of the Worthy Associate Architect.

Pledge Initiation - A pledge is the acceptance of an offer to join the Fraternity; binding upon the pledge but not upon the Fraternity. The Pledge Oath shall be administered after the candidate has been favorably voted upon.

Ritual Initiation - Members may be initiated into Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity only by induction through the entire ritual ceremony. Full Pledge Fees and Initiation Fee must be paid and so stated by the Worthy Estimator prior to the Ritual Ceremony.

Pledging Period Rules

Alpha Rho Chi, the national professional fraternity of architecture and allied arts has serious purposes intended to develop the professional abilities and interests of its members. The purpose of pledge instruction is to inform pledges on Alpha Rho Chi and its requirements. The pledge instruction program of every chapter shall be dignified, educational and constructive. Questions should be directed to your Pledge Trainer. Each Pledge Class shall be named in sequence, starting with AAA, then AAB, AAGamma, etc. A Pledge Class President shall be elected by the entire Pledge Class, and shall be responsible for leading the group. The following rules should be followed by all pledges:

  1. Abide by all university rules and at all times observe the honor system in class.
  2. Endeavor to maintain a "B" average or the equivalent in all studies. An average, equal to the average required for graduation is required to qualify for initiation.
  3. Wear the APX Pledge Pin on the left lapel of coat, or on a shirt, blouse or sweater above the heart.
  4. Attend all luncheons or meetings of the Fraternity to which invited.
  5. Treat members with respect and courtesy.

Fraternity Customs

Acknowledge of fraternity customs and etiquette on the part of every member is essential for the well being of a chapter. The following material should be studied and incorporated in the conduct of every pledge.

  1. Membership in Alpha Rho Chi implies no obligation to lend anyone money, nor does it allow special privilege in borrowing.
  2. Do not make it necessary for anyone to have to go to you to obtain payment of bills. It is your duty to pay them when due.
  3. Membership implies no special privilege of "kidding." There is a difference between friendliness and familiarity.
  4. Don't criticize. Be tactful and use courtesy.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

All members of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity shall abide by all applicable liquor control laws of the State or other jurisdiction including Colleges and Universities while participating in a Fraternity event.

Hazing Policy

See Appendix B.

Sexual Harassment Policy

It is the policy of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity that unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other sexually offensive verbal or physical contact will not be condoned or permitted, and may in fact be in violation of federal law. The Fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions which are demeaning to any person which would constitute sexual abuse of any type or form.

University, College & Chapter

Each Chapter shall provide the following data and require the pledge to be informed of it.

  1. History of the Fraternity and Chapter
  2. Pledge should be required to know the names and correct locations of all Active Chapters of Alpha Rho Chi
  3. Pledge should know the members of Grand Council and how to address them.
Fraternity Membership


Through its various Alumni Associations and members located throughout the country, Alpha Rho Chi offers a permanent, professional association with a selected group of college-trained individuals. Such associations are of real value professionally and socially. Alpha Rho Chi teaches and emphasizes the observance of high standards of personal and professional conduct and ethics. In addition, there are other intangible values. Chapter life offers opportunity for improvement of individual personality and ability through actual experience. Development of the ability to work with others, to plan and carry out various projects, to talk before a group, to lead others is highly important.

Another benefit is the friendly and informal association between students and faculty.

Last but not least, each member can enlarge his or her circle of friends and acquaintances through membership in Alpha Rho Chi.

Membership for Life

One of the greatest benefits of membership in Alpha Rho Chi is membership is for life. Many professional alumni affiliate with alumni organizations after graduation. These Alumni Associations are networks of professionals. They offer professional alumni members the opportunity to start and maintain contacts, find mentors, and to interact socially as well as professionally. When transferring into an area that has an Alumni Association, this organization can ease the professional alumni member's transition into his or her new environment.

Professional Etiquette

A knowledge and observance of correct business customs and etiquette is important to the individual and will open opportunities. The following material is by no means complete, but it does stress the essentials. Pledges should study and inform themselves on it.

  1. Avoid calling others by their first names when employed. You will gain the respect of others and the notice of your employer by addressing others as "Mr.," "Mrs.," "Miss," or "Ms." Forming this habit may prevent embarrassment before others.
  2. When at your desk always rise to receive visitors or your superiors, and remain standing until they are seated. Exception: superiors stopping for a few seconds on routine business.
  3. Learn to talk in a low, pleasant, cultivated tone of voice. Be agreeable. Learn to smile.
  4. In introductions always mention a female's name first, even to the highest officers: "Miss File Clerk," "Mr. President."
  5. Avoid answering the telephone with a mere "Hello." Instead, say, "This is Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. Jones speaking." Introduce yourself over the telephone as "Mr.," except to close friends or on interoffice conversations. Salesmen should announce themselves by whatever name the customer on the other end of the line is in the habit of calling them. An agreeable "telephone voice" is a great asset in business.
  6. Avoid standing in such a position that you face the work on another's desk. When standing alongside someone who is seated, keep your back to their desk.
  7. Possess a neat and correct calling card with your name, firm, and address on it. The only abbreviations other than the initials of your name, which are correct on a card is "Inc.," and the two letter abbreviations of the state.
  8. Remember that every letter with your signature is a signed record of your ability and education, reflecting your mentality, knowledge of the subject, taste, and neatness.
  9. Be punctual for all appointments.



    Social etiquette is a necessary complement to business etiquette and pledges and members should possess a thorough knowledge of it. This includes knowing correct table manners, courtesy to others, correct social correspondence, and the proper etiquette at home and abroad. The subject is too broad to cover in an outline of this nature; but in order that every pledge may be informed, he or she should study a good book of etiquette. Courtesy and proper etiquette are keys which open many doors.


The Great Seal of Alpha Rho Chi - The Worthy Grand Architect is the keeper of the Great Seal of the Fraternity. This seal is impressed upon all official reports of the Grand Council, convention reports, edicts and proclamations of the Council, charters, certificates of membership and all official communications to the chapters.

The Seal of APX - Iktinos Chapter - The Worthy Architect of the Iktinos Chapter is the keeper of this seal. This seal is impressed upon all official documents created by the office of WA to verify authorship authenticity. It is required on the National Convention Iktinos Delegate Credential Report.

The Coat of Arms - Iktinos Chapter -

The Iktinos Standard - Three Prong Rake is imposed over the White Rose, similar to the Coat of Arms.


The Archi is the official magazine of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity. The Archi is distributed to all brothers of the Fraternity, as well as to the deans and the libraries of all schools which have accredited architecture programs. It is intended for public distribution and contains no esoteric information.

The Rise is an occasional esoteric piece published by the Grand Council and is issued strictly to members only.

The Alpha Rho Chi Letter is the Fraternity's newsletter containing information of upcoming events and Chapter News.

The Iktinews is the title of the Iktinos Chapter Newsletter distributed to all Iktinos Alumni and to the members of Grand Council, and WA's of all Active Chapters.

Responsibilities of Members

As an Active Member of Alpha Rho Chi you are expected to fulfil a number of requirements. These requirements should be fully explained to you prior to initiation and once initiation has been completed, you are immediately expected to present yourself as a member in good standing, financially, academically and socially.

Financial Obligations:

This includes paying monthly dues on or before the due date or making arrangements to do so prior to due dates. Also includes paying for miscellaneous items that may or may not be fully reimbursed back to you. The idea here is that you will be donating to the betterment of the chapter, but it should be verified by the WE or WA ahead of time, if possible if you will be getting your money back or not, in which case, SAVE and photocopy your receipts!

Academic Obligations:

You are required to be a student at the University of Michigan to be in good standing with APX. If the time comes when you are approached by your instructors and asked why your grades are so low, Alpha Rho Chi is not and will not be a valid answer. School comes first and you should speak to the Chapter before things reach this point.

Social Obligations:

Alpha Rho Chi is a fraternity. We are linked by brotherhood for life and nothing can change that fact. If problems do arise, the whole Chapter is responsible for resolving the issues fairly and absolutely. Sometimes it is difficult to do, but it should be understood that what the group decides should be beneficial for all involved. If there are differences between members, it should be brought up and discussed to be resolved before lines are drawn and divisions are made within the chapter. Brothers treat brothers with respect and this fact should never be forgotten. Having differing opinions is not a valid excuse for not attending meetings, as this is the main control factor that keeps the Chapter running smoothly. Remember why you joined APX and the feelings that it created for you, and if those feelings no longer exist, then it is up to you to encourage others to help you bring it back.

You get out of the fraternity what you put into it. No one is forcing you to be a part of the group, do not go through the initiation without fully understanding this, as it is the foundation upon which a great Fraternity stands.


The APX $500 Scholarship is an annual award given to Active Members from Grand Council. Application information can be obtained from the Worthy Architect of the Chapter.

The APX Medal Program

GOLD: For Recognition of Professional Distinction on a National Level

SILVER: For Recognition of Fraternal Distinction of Outstanding Merit

BRONZE: For Leadership, Service and Promise of Professional Merit by a Graduating Student


There are two types of dues that Pledges must pay, depending on where the money goes.

The National dues are set by the Grand Council:

Pledge Fee - $25.00 due at beginning of Pledging Period

Monthly Pledge Fee - $10.00 due at the beginning of the month, collected on WE's schedule

Initiation Fee - $50.00 due prior to Initiation

The Chapter dues include:
Monthly Pledge Dues - amount determined by Chapter based on activities, collected on WE's schedule, usually as part of Monthly Pledge Fee

Initiation Fee - amount determined by Chapter based on Initiation Events (food, transportation, etc.), collected prior to Initiation


Alpha Rho Chi Current Active Chapters (1999)

  1. Andronicus - University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  2. Anthemios - University of Illinois, Champaign
  3. Apollodorus - University of Florida, Gainesville
  4. Daedulus - California Polytechnic- San Luis Obispo
  5. Demetrios - Ohio State University, Columbus
  6. Iktinos - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  7. Pytheos - University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  8. Rhoecus - University of Kansas, Lawrence
  9. Seshait - Florida A&M University, Tallahassee
  10. Vitruvius - Penn State, State College, PA
Colonies in Organization
  1. Satyros - Arizona State University, Tempe
  2. Univerisity of Cincinnati, OH
  3. University of Detroit-Mercy, MI
Alpha Rho Chi Current Active Alumni Associations (1999)
  1. Andronicus Alumni Association
  2. Anthemios Alumni Association
  3. Apollodorus Alumni Association
  4. Cleisthenes Alumni Association
  5. Daedulus Alumni Association
  6. Daphnis Alumni Association
  7. Demetrios Alumni Association
  8. Iktinos Alumni Association
  9. Metagenes Alumni Association
  10. Mnesicles Alumni Association
  11. Pytheos Alumni Association
  12. Satyros Alumni Association
  13. Seshait Alumni Association
  14. Theron Alumni Association
  15. Vitruvius Alumni Association
  16. Xenocles Alumni Association
Alumni Associations in Reorganization

1. Heracleides Alumni Association

Current National Data of Alpha Rho Chi

Current Grand Council Officers and Appointees

Worthy Grand Architect_________________________________________________________________

Worthy Grand Associate Architect_________________________________________________________

Worthy Grand Scribe____________________________________________________________________

Worthy Grand Estimator ________________________________________________________________

Grand Advisor _______________________________________________________________________

Grand Lecturer________________________________________________________________________

National Inspector_____________________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 1______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 2 ______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 3_______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 4_______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 5_______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 6_______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 7_______________________________________________________________

Regional Deputy, Region 8_______________________________________________________________

Archi Editor _______________________________________________________________

Archi Associate Editor(s) ______________________________________________________________

Other Appointees ________________________________________________________________

Current Information on the Iktinos Chapter

Officers of the Iktinos Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi

Worthy Architect_______________________________________________________________________

Worthy Associate Architect _______________________________________________________________

Worthy Estimator _______________________________________________________________________

Worthy Scribe__________________________________________________________________________

Worthy Clerk___________________________________________________________________________

Worthy Superintendent ___________________________________________________________________

Other Board Members____________________________________________________________________








Officers of the Iktinos Alumni Association of Alpha Rho Chi

President _______________________________________________________________________

Vice-President _______________________________________________________________________

Secretary _______________________________________________________________________

Treasurer _______________________________________________________________________

Other Board Members ___________________________________________________________________




Personal Information

Full Name ______________________________________________________________________

Local Mailing Address _________________________________________________________


Local Phone Number ( ) -

Permanent Mailing Address ___________________________________________________


Permanent Phone Number ( ) -

Email address _____________________________________________________________________

Any Allergies or Medical Conditions/Phobias ____________________________________________



Emergency Contact Person ____________________________________ Relation: _______________

If an Emergency Occurs and I need medical attention, I agree to be brought to _______________________________________ Hospital.

Weekly Schedule:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Iktinos Party Rules

The following is a list of rules and procedures that must be followed at any and all events that

Alpha Rho Chi members are involved in, regardless of who is sponsoring the event.

#1. If Guests are allowed, the person that invites the guest is responsible for anything the guest does.

The guest must be in eyesight of member at all reasonable times.

#2. Sign-in and Sign-out sheets are required. No one is allowed to enter the party without first legibly signing the list.

#3. If alcohol is present, all car keys must be given to Keymaster before any alcohol is served.

Keys will be returned after Sign-out sheet has been correctly filled out.

#4. Sign-out sheet must be signed before leaving party, so that safety may be prioritized.

#5. Safe Rides must be provided by at least one Responsible Active Member for the duration of the event.

#6. Additional Rules and Procedures may be announced by Active Members and must be respectfully followed.

#7. The Active Members of Alpha Rho Chi have the right to ask someone to leave the party at any time for any reason.

#8. Safety for all present is the number one priority. Actives are responsible for all event activities and can be contacted with any questions regarding policy. Full consciousness must be attained at all times.

#9. In the event of possible Alcohol Poisoning, you will be taken to hospital, no questions asked.

It is your responsibility to ensure that Alcohol Poisoning does not occur.

#10. Any damage to property will be assessed by owner and paid in full to owner at time of event.

#11. Fun must be had at all Alpha Rho Chi events!!!

I agree to these rules and policies and will do my best to follow them as close as possible to ensure that the rights of all involved, including myself, are not infringed upon.

__________________________________________________Date: _________________

Appendix A: Active Member Contact Information

Fall 1999 Iktinos Chapter - Alpha Rho Chi
Fall Address Fall Phone Family
WA Courtney Donahue 603 E. Hoover 623-0423 Donahue
WAA emily kuperstein 2715 Windwood Dr #63 623-0030 kuperstein
WS, SuperInt Mark Ritz 773 Baker

Dexter, MI 48130

426-2252 Donahue
WE David Young 1931 Duffield St.

#4452 Van Hoosen

Bursley Hall

763-0873 Habel
WC David Marchetti 421 Church St. 827-1468 kuperstein
PT, Historian, 


Mara Braspenninx 1223 Hill St. #2 761-8464 kuperstein
Rush Chair Hillary Leonard 1303 Wilmot #31 635-6567 Law
Parini Mehta 1318 Wilmot 327-7481 Borja
Lina Lee 2453 Traver Blvd. 995-0311 Donahue
Mary Christie 820 McKinley #3 827-2313 Habel
Social Adrianna Jordan 704 Hill St 996-8048 Donahue
Publicity Joel Kirzner 335 Packard 741-8645 kuperstein
Alumni Relations Dana Habel 1230 Hubbard Rd. #4208 Eaton Baits I 764-3053 Habel
Albert Law 3515 Greenbrier Blvd. #28C 997-9678 Law
Shiney Christine Yee 555 E. William #6C 761-5794 Law
Shiney Prof. Director Michael Ben-Meir 405 N. Thayer 930-4840 Habel
Tshirt Jaron Lubin 118 N. Ingalls 214-1311 Donahue
Shiney Yvonne Marchand 332 E. William #308 827-2820 kuperstein


Appendix B: Hazing Policy

Soon to be Added.

Appendix C: Calendar

Appendix D: APX Hymn

Appendix E: Parliamentary Procedures
Soon to be Added

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