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What is Insite?
   The goal of the Insite project is two-fold, the first of which is to offer a simple, secure method to manage the campus intranet. The project team is using HTML and Java to create a simple, but powerful, graphical user-interface. The interface adapts to the user, only showing the information and functionality required. Kerberos is used for all authentication and user-verification. On the backend, a Oracle database stores network configuration, ip address to interface mapping, machine location, hardware inventory, and the user information required for intranet administration.

Second, the project makes possible an automated network user registration and machine activation, requiring little to no intercession by the network administrator. This system requires the user only to provide a username and password to an SSL-protected web page. The server automatically detects the client machine's MAC address, operating system, and subnet. Then, it assigns that user a valid ip address for that subnet and adds an entry to the database.

Current Progress and Updates
   Here's what we have now:
  • SSL-protected HTML forms used to register student computers in the residence halls
  • Assign IP addresses and domain names from registration information
  • DHCPd configuration files generated from registration information
  • Java network management application.
Here's what we're working towards:
  • Complete management of DHCP and DNS for participating campus networks
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • vLan-based network access management
More specific information on the progress of each project area is availble within the respective area of the site

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