About Us

The International Policy Student Association (IPSA) was founded by students to strengthen the International Policy concentration at the Ford School as well as the community of students who are interested in internarional public policy arena.

The IPSA hosts events to stimulate dialogue among student, renowned professors and experts. The IPSA organizes brown bag lunches and panel discussions as well as social activities for students to further develop a like-minded community and, of course, have a good time!

We support a culturally sensitive, global perspective on policy issues.

International Economic Development Program
IPSA organizes the annual International Economic Development Program (IEDP), designed to engage students in a specific developing country. The IEDP culminates in a trip to the country to meet with policy makers.

IPSA also strives to advance the careers of students focusing on international policy by working closely with our Career Services staff to find valuable job and internship opportunities in international and foreign policy. In the coming months, we will invite alumni and policy makers as guests to give Ford School students insight into the real world of careers in international affairs.

In our own organization, we have established several committees to perform various duties toward our stated goals.

Receive news and information
Email Joe Donlin If you'd like to become a member of IPSA and receive emails about internationally related events we hold and stay up to date on the IEDP application process.


International Policy Student Association
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