Country Selection Process

The country of study for Winter 2009 will be Senegal. Country selection for the 2010 IEDP will take place in late Winter 2009.

Criteria for Country of Study
•  Developing Country
•  Educational value for participants
•  Not a country we have been to in the past (that is, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Morocco, Cuba, Ethiopia, China, Peru, Jordan)
•  Affordability of trip (airfare, in country expenses, visas)
•  Ease of travel within country
•  Ford School Professor willing to go to the country
•  Safety

Country Selection Process

Nominations must be submitted to by the specified deadline. The name of the country is enough to nominate it, but we strongly recommend that the nominating student be able to point to a Ford School Professor who would be willing and able not only to go to the country, but to teach the course. The person who nominated the country (or a representative chosen by that person) must speak about the country for two minutes max at the country nomination meeting. If you are not able to be present at the meeting, please inform the IPSA board when you nominate the country and tell them who will speak on your behalf.

Country Nomination Meeting
The point of the meeting is to narrow down the list of countries that were nominated. A representative for each country will be given two minutes to speak about why they nominated this country and then we will narrow countries down to 1-2 countries by region (i.e. Latin America, sub Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe ). To narrow down countries, a vote will take place by region. At this meeting, a person or group of people will be identified to represent countries at the final country selection meeting. People who are representing a country at the final selection meeting will be asked to prepare information on the country based on the criteria above. Each group will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to present and answer questions about the country.

Final Selection Meeting
At this meeting final country selection will be made. Every country that has made it to this round will have a person or group of people present on the country and answer questions (ten minutes maximum). The presenters should discuss how this country fits the criteria listed above and what makes it an interesting country for students to learn about and travel to. Then we will have a general discussion about the countries. At the end of this meeting, we will have a final vote on the country for next year.

If you are unable to make it to either of the meetings because of other commitments, you can e-mail your vote to before the meeting. Please, only use this option if you absolutely cannot come to the meeting.


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