The International Student Network (ISN)
The International Dialogue

      The ISN is having a dialogue to discuss issues of the international community on campus. This should be of interest to international students, students whose background is international, and those who are interested in learning about other countries and cultures. We will have a panel of four international student group student group representatives, a representative from the international center, and a panelist from the LSA Assistant Dean's Office. We will discuss the lack of interaction between people of international background and the rest of the campus as well as between international student groups. Here are the questions that we will pose to our panelists:

  • Introduce yourself and talk about how you became interested in the issue of cross-cultural interaction.
  • How do you feel about the interaction between students of different cultures on campus? Please talk about your experiences, or the experience of others who have been concerned about this issue.
  • How do you think cross-cultural communication can be improved? What can members of cultural groups do?
  • What resources can the school administration provide to encourage a more internationalist outlook in U of M students and to promote learning about other cultures?
  • What role should international students play as a resource for each other and for American students to facilitate learning about various cultures?
  • What are the obstacles faced by international students in sharing their culture with Americans and international students from other countries?
  • How can an international student network like ISN begin to create an environment where cultural traditions and outlooks are openly shared and appreciated?

     There will also be a question/answer period, where the audience can express its opinions. Please come join us! These are important issues that impact the quality of our education. We are all from different backgrounds, and yet we don't seem to be learning from each other. What can we do to change that?

Monday, March 27th
7:30 Koessler Room, Michigan League

*Sponsored by the League Programming Office.
Refreshments will be served