Research and Scholarship Advisory Board

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Board Functions

An advisory board has been created to assist page managers in the Research and Scholarship department. This is an attempt to increase the value of these pages to the IS community.

The Board will assist page managers by making recommendations on matters of content, style, policies, procedures, etc. Specifically, the Board will make recommendations in the following areas:

standards for page layouts, templates, etc.
content and structure of the Research page, and major 3rd and 4th level pages
policies, procedures and mechanisms for material within the Research department
soliciting volunteers to assist in maintaining the Research page and related material
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Board Members

James C. Brancheau, University of Colorado, at
Allen Dennis, University of Georgia, at
Sid Huff, University of Western Ontario, at
Blake Ives, Louisiana State University, at
Brian E. Mennecke, East Carolina University, at
Malcolm Munro, University of Calgary, at
Peter Newsted, University of Calgary, at
Yair Wand, University of British Columbia, at
Richard Watson, University of Georgia, at
Robert W. Zmud, Florida State University, at
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