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Managing by Fact

In many organizations, decisions are made based on "how we've always done it", hunches or "gut fact", or the person with the loudest voice.

In a total quality environment, we try to collect specific information that can guide our decision-making by using facts. While there is always a place for intuition (even W. Ewards Deming has said that "the most important things are unknowable and unmeasurable") gathering data about our processes is helping us to avoid tampering and to make more effective changes in our systems and processes.

Managing by fact in ITD means we collect and used data to make decisions about changing. For example:

Customer Surveys
- to see how our customers, both student & staff, feel about our services
Usage statistics
- about users of our 4-Help services
- trouble tickets
- statistics on the use of our campus computing sites.
(1.1mb) - every year new user data is collected
It also means that we are relying on customer feedback.
(500k) - customer critiques offer good feedback

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