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Planning For Excellence

In order for an organization to gain benefit from quality tools and principles, the leadership of the organization must show an on-going, long-term commitment to change.

The ITD Steering committee has been a small committed group of ITD staff who have worked since 1990 behind the scenes to set the agenda for ITD's total quality leadership group, the Quality Council, which meets weekly.

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Together, we've worked on a wide variety of topics that are part of changing the culture of ITD.
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Resistance to Change
How do we deal with the resistance to change which is part of any system?
Transforming the Culture
How do we switch our focus from developing/providing information technology to providing information technology-based products and services that people will choose?
Managing Change
How do we move quickly enough, involving and communicating with staff in the right ways, in order to more and more effectively serve our customers?
Role of Leadership
What vision, support, accountability, etc. is required from the leadership in order to lead an organization through these changes? What Advice to Leaders would we give?
Managing Diversity
How does managing diversity, (e.g. capitalizing effectively on differences in the work force) interrelate with Total Quality principles to support the transformation of an organization?

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Organization Direction and Guidelines
What kinds of documents and processes form the infrastructure for organizational change?
What types of education have we done so far?

Other aspects of Planning for Excellence include:

Management Expectations

Work Planning

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