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Improvement & Innovation Teams

The lower left portion of the M-Quality triangle represents the activity of Quality Improvement Teams. One of the goals of the M-Quality program is to assist organizations within the University in achieving process improvement and innovation through the activity of Quality Teams.

When a team is formed to enhance an existing work process the members focus on the improvements to that process. On the other hand, when a work process needs to be largely discarded or replaced a teams is formed and its members focus on the innovations or changes that are needed to make up the new process and support its use within the organization.

When Quality teams rely on the principles of Managing Diversity, they function more effectively.

(1.6mb) - various styles made a better group
(1.4mb) - learn about how others operate

Teams provide members of the University community a supportive and formally sponsored structure for introducing positive changes based on their extensive knowledge and experience. It empowers them to use their expertise to study work process problems and make improvements that lead to better customer satisfaction.

A few highlights from some of our teams are featured below, as well as some interesting learnings that various QIT and PIT members have had over the years.

QIT's and PIT's in ITD:

Mailing Lists Process Innovation Team (PIT) - Ellen Vaughan
(1.4mb) - make sure team has authority
(1mb) - formal & informal styles encourage input
MSET Process Innovation Team (PIT)- Phil Harding
(1mb) - why MSET was formed
(1.2mb) - "value added" was the key to success
(1.8mb) - Computer Kickoff: Team-Building Fun!
Selection/Evaluation Process Innovation Team (PIT) - Brenda Hill
(1mb) - the team's charge
(1.3mb) - non-staff team members help focus on quality

Several of our QIT's were featured at the Total Quality Expo held in the Fall of 1994:

UIS/US QIT - Access to the Mainframe - Renee Frost
(1.8mb) - flowcharts & creative thinking did the job

UMTel QIT - Dick Darr

As a result of 3 years of participation in quality improvement and process innovation teams, we have had many important learnings.

You feel supported as part of a team.
(1.4mb) - whole-office teamwork

Teams must stay connected to the organization.
(1.3mb) - important to keep checking

Take things seriously, but not too seriously.
(1.2mb) ..........(not currently available...sorry!)

Teamwork can take effort.
(1.2mb) - scary but rewarding
(730k) - look for good attitude in team members

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