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Quality In Daily Work Life

Because of the time we have invested in awareness and skill training, many of the quality tools and concepts have beccome integrated into the way we do business, either transforming or reinforcing staff behaviors and attitudes.

Below are a few examples of quality tools and principles that we now see incorporated into ITD's daily activities:

Self-Directed Work Teams

The development of Self-Directed Work Teams is growing expression of teamwork, flattening the organization, and empowerment principles. Team members will tell us that is a lot of work, but that the end result produces efficiency and better service for the customer.

ISS managers - a self-directed team of managers

(1.3mb) -agreement is better than heirarchy
(1.1mb) - starting off right is worth the time
(1mb) - customers get more timely response
(600k) - nature of a team of managers
(1.5mb) - good communication is the key

Data Access team - a self-directed service team

(2.2mb) - how the team got started
(1.8mb) - we always try to provide value to the customer
(1.3mb) - group maturity makes for a high-performance team
(840k) - team mambers have more responsibility & authority
(700k) - customers know a team provides better support
(500k) - each member is committed to all the team's customers

Customers as Partners

In a quality environment you begin to see your customers as partners. We have instituted several formal partnership programs with Schools and Colleges to plan for the effective use of information technology resources and deliver those services. As well, we strive for a sense of partnering with customers in developing and delivering our products and services.

(1.8) - better understanding of customers as team members

General Meeting Effectiveness

One of the most significant changes we have noticed from the application of quality principles and tools in ITD is in the increased effectiveness of our meetings. We now consistently see the use of the PAL (Purpose, Agenda and Limits) tool, as well as more focused discussion and decision making.
(2mb) - biggest change in meetings is respect for one another
(2mb) - outside meetings are now frustrating

Quality Principles in Project Teams

In the many teams that created the Future Computing Environment of the University of Michigan, as well as in Project Teams that are part of our ongoing operations, we see an increased use of Quality principles, particularly a focus on the customer.
(2.5mb) - customer invovlement made the process better

In the Mainframe Replacement Project, a small group of empowered employees took the initiative to sell remove, purchase and install a new mainframe computer within a timetable that is impossible by industry standards. As a result of their quality teamwork, they realized significant savings, reduced the cost of mainframe services to the University, built in growth capacity at no cost, all with practically no noticeable disruption in service to ITD's customer.

(1.6mb) - close teamwork makes for astounding success
(1.5mb) - a little appreciation works wonders
(800k) - overplanning can hinder your ability to respond
(1mb) - don't forget to say "Thanks!"

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