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Swanson Lab - August 2006
(L to R standing) Eric Levinsohn, William Feliciano, Suresh Mohan, Peter Beemiller, Youxhin Zhang, Sam Straight, Jonathan Levinsohn, Sei Yoshida, Adam Hoppe
(L to R Seated) Stephanie Seveau, Lynn Kamen, Joel Swanson, Mike Davis, Lee Shaughnessy

 Current Members:


Michael Davis

Immunology Graduate Program

Thesis Title: The Immunological Consequences of Lysosome Damage in Macrophages



William Feliciano
Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program

Involvement of Rab5 in vacuole maturation in activated macrophages
Rab5 is a small GTPase that localizes to early endosomes. It is involved in regulating both the fusion of endocytic vesicles and early endosomes and the homotypic fusion of early endosomes. When in its GTP-bound form, Rab5 is active in membrane fusion. Past work has shown that expression of GTPase-deficient Rab5 mutant induces giant endosomes in cells. On previous work carried out in our laboratory using fluorescent constructs of Rab5 and Ratiometric fluorescence microscopy, we obtained results showing that the maturation pathway of phagosomes in macrophages follows a sequential appearance of proteins actin, Rab5, Rab7 and LAMP1. Ratiometric imaging was used to compare the ratio of YFP to CFP in the whole cell and in the phagosome to obtain average fluorescent intensities. Inhibition of Rab5 or Rab7 was enough to alter the progression of phagosomes to lysosomes which showed the important role of these proteins. Further studies of the role Rab5 during maturation will be carried out using different Rab5 mutants to observe using FRET where exactly the Rab5 activation is occurring. As we understand better the role Rab5 plays during phagosomal maturation, different therapeutic methods can be proposed to control its activity during infections.

Fun Facts:
- Published in Dear Abby once.
- I love animals, if I could do something else it would be wildlife biologist. My heroes are Homer Simpson. In case anyone is interested I do enjoy long walks on the beach.


Suresh Mohan
B.S. Cellular & Molecular Biology, Music



Samuel Straight, Ph. D.
Director, Center for Live-Cell Imaging (CLCI)







Timothy Welliver
Immunology Graduate Program

Thesis Title:
The Immunological Consequences of Lysosome Damage in Macrophages



Joel Swanson, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


 Past Members:

Esther Racoosin, Ph.D.

Philip Knapp, M.D.

Gustavo Rosania, Ph.D.

Eric Berthiaume, M.D.

Nobukazu Araki, Ph.D.

Yu-Kyung Oh, Ph.D.

Kyung-Dall Lee, Ph.D.

Stephen Bair, Ph.D.

Jesse Myers, Ph.D.

Maria Diakonova, Ph.D.

Kenneth Christensen, Ph.D.

Adam D. Hoppe, Ph. D.

Rebecca Henry, Ph.D.

Peter J. Beemiller, Ph. D.

Lee M. Shaughnessy, Ph. D.

Stephanie Seveau, Ph. D.

Lynn Kamen, Ph. D.

Jonathan Levinsohn

Sei Yoshida, Ph. D.

Erik Levinsohn

Isabella Gaeta

Youxin Zhang, Ph.D.