Cascadia 2000 Schedule of Registration (and other) Volunteers

Saturday, May 6
time volunteer 1 volunteer 2
11am-noon Marcus Hertlein You?
noon-1pm Dave Lewis You?
1pm-2pm Paul Wolberg You?
2pm-3pm Bruce Fields You?
3pm-4pm Bill Correll
4pm-5pm Ben Sturm
5pm-6pm Cecelia Ober
6pm-7pm Mattias Jonsson
7pm-8pm Josh Casey
8pm-9pm Mattias Jonsson
9pm cleanup Fred Isaman

Sunday, May 7
time volunteer 1 volunteer 2
11am-noon Bruce Fields
noon-1pm Dave Lewis
1pm-2pm Micah Tessler
2pm-3pm Fred Isaman
3pm-4pm Ben Sturm
4pm-5pm Andreas Schild
5pm cleanup Paul Wolberg

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