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The following is a tentative schedule of workshops and demonstrations that people have volunteered to lead so far; if you would like to lead one, please do!

In addition to the events listed below, there will be games on Sunday afternoon.

The "*" marks activities which you could participate in fully without any previous knowledge of juggling. Usually, the necessary equipment will is also provided for use during such workshops. (Click on the name of the workshop for details.)

Please note that the workshop schedule is still tentative for now, and that workshops may appear, diseappear, or change times.

Saturday, May 5
time activity leader
11am-9pm open juggling (*) (none)
noon-12:30pm multiplex juggling (balls) Michael Ferguson (
noon-12:30pm beginning juggling (*) Tom Stafford
12:30pm-1pm beginning club passing Bill Correll, Jr. (
1pm-1:30pm numbers workshop (balls) Fred Isaman (
1:30pm-2pm advanced 3-ball Josh Casey (
2pm-2:30pm beginning juggling (*) Jon Skelly
2pm-2:30pm bounce juggling Wayne L.
2:30pm-3pm beginning/intermediate diabolo (*) Josh Dagg
3pm-3:30pm contact juggling (*) Wayne L.
3:30pm-4pm numbers juggling (clubs) Noah Cowan (
4pm-4:30pm beginning juggling (*) Jon Skelly
4pm-4:30pm beginning club juggling Ben Sturm
4:30pm-5pm twanging (*) Mystery Twanger
5pm-5:30pm frisbee manipulation (*) Gary Auerbach (
5:30pm-6pm devil stick manipulation (*) Dragonstix
6pm-6:30pm show and tell Josh Casey (

Sunday, May 6
time activity leader
11am-5pm open juggling (*) (none)
noon-12:30pm beginning juggling (*) Greg Phillips
2pm-2:30pm beginning juggling (*) Dave Lewis
2:30pm-3pm beginning/intermediate diabolo (*) Ben Sturm
4pm-4:30pm beginning juggling (*) Fred Isaman (