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Saturday, May 5, 2012
Wide World Sports
2140 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan
--Prop Vendors
--Open juggling
Watch this space for more details!

Questions? Email

Interested in organizing a workshop? Email Paul Wolberg (pswolberg, at comcast dot net).

You can also sign up for our juggling festival announcements email list

Workshop schedule:
12:00Club Workshop: Chin RollsDave Heald
12:30Ball and Club Workshop: Creative Trick StartsNathan Wakefield
1:00Poi Workshop: Beginner's PoiJunichi Simaoka
1:30Club Workshop: ChopsDave Heald
2:00Contact Juggling Workshop: CJ Q&A PlayCameron McEwen
2:30Ball Workshop: Three Ball TricksFred Isaman
3:00Balance Workshop: Juggling Three Props While BalancingDave Heald
3:30Ball Workshop: Claymotion Building BlocksNathan Wakefield
All DayBeginning Juggling Lessons: Ask at the front deskVarious

The festival is hosted by the Ann Arbor Juggling Club. Thanks to the Wide World Sports Center for providing the space (an indoor soccer field with ceilings to satisfy the most discriminating numbers jugglers). Thanks also to:
Brian Dube
Neon Husky
Flying Clipper
Gravitas Juggling
KASKADE Magazine
Ann Arbor Magic Shop
Wunderground Magic Shop
Renegade Juggling Equipment
The International Jugglers' Association