Festival Schedule

Doors open at 10:00 AM

Closed at 6:00 PM

Open Juggling Open All Day

Registration Desk open all day

Vendors on-site all day

Post-festival Bonfire & Party - open to festival participants, ask at the front desk

Workshops & Games throughout the day, see below

Cancelled: Juggling Museum open all day - ask at Front Desk

Workshops & Games Schedule

Far Goal
Near Goal
10:00 AM    
10:30 AM    
11:00 AM  
Introduction to 3-Ball Juggling
11:30 AM    
12:00 PM
Juggling Limbo or Squirt Guns
Micah Tessler
Beginning Hooping
12:30 PM
Juggle Fencing
Anna Schumaker
01:00 PM COMBAT - Center Circle
Diabolo / Chineese YoYo
Christopher & Kevin
01:30 PM COMBAT - Center Circle  
02:00 PM
5-Ball Endurance
Paul Wolberg
Rope Dart
02:30 PM
  • Must use approved 25-cent coins, i.e., do NOT deflate the quarters.
  • Must use minimum of three.
  • If you drop, set your remaining quarters down and exit the playing area without disturbing others.
    • Cascade: 30 seconds
    • Reverse cascade: 20 seconds
    • Cascade: 15 seconds
    • Columns: 10 seconds
    • Cascade: 15 seconds
    • Then… Cascade with Tricks:
      • Under the Leg
      • Behind the Back
      • Pirouette
      • Then…
      • Eyes closed until the 4-minute mark.
  • Last person remaining gets ALL of the quarters.
  • If more than 1 participant at the 4-minute mark, game ends in a tie. The remaining players will split the entire prize money evenly.
Dave Lewis
03:00 PM
7-Club Passing Endurance
Micah Tessler
Beginning Passing
03:30 PM    
04:00 PM
Best Trick
Rachel Sapiro
04:30 PM    
05:00 PM    
05:30 PM    
TBD: Coming Soon!
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