Festival Schedule

Doors open at 10:00 AM

Closed at 6:00 PM

Open Juggling Open All Day

Registration Desk open all day

Vendors on-site all day

Workshops & Games throughout the day, see below

Workshops & Games Schedule

10:00 AM      
10:30 AM   Basic 423 Variations
with Micah Tessler
Beginner (Balls)
11:00 AM 14 & under 3/4 ball endurance  
11:30 AM 14 & under Juggle Fencing    
12:00 PM Juggling Limbo
(Soap juggling if weather permits)
Introduction to Passing
with Micah Tessler
Beginner (Balls & Clubs)
12:30 PM Weather Balloon    
01:00 PM Juggler's taboo    
01:30 PM   Fundamentals of Poi
with Scott Van Sice
Beginner (Poi)
02:00 PM Combat (Center Circle) Hoop Dance
with Carla Samson
Beginner (Hoop)
02:30 PM   Club Balancing
with Chuck Clark
Intermediate (Clubs)
03:00 PM Juggle Fencing    
03:30 PM 5 ball endurance Train to Nowhere
with Audrey Bury, Tyler Wells, and Micah Tessler
Intermediate (Club Passing)
04:00 PM 5 club endurance    
04:30 PM Best Trick    
05:00 PM      
05:30 PM      
If you have a game or workshop you'd like to see, or if you want to get involved
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