Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Club
Bad Juggling Joke

A small-town patrolman stopped a motorist for speeding and approached the driver. Peering into the back seat, he saw a large collection of knives, machetes, and swords. Thinking he had some wacko on his hands, the policeman placed a cautious hand on his firearm and asked the man to step out of the car. When queried about the contents of the back seat, the driver replied, "Oh, those! Officer, I'm a juggler and those are part of my act." Skeptical, the policeman thought he would call the man's bluff.

"If you can juggle these here machetes like you say, I'll let you off", the officer says. Well, sure enough, the driver IS a juggler, and his hands explode into a dizzying frenzy of spinning, twirling, flying blades, reflecting brilliantly in the afternoon sun! The blades fly behind his back, under his legs & over his head, in seamless fluid motion. He even tosses an apple into the fray and quarters it without missing a beat...

As this is occurring, a man driving by says to his wife, "Martha, it's a good thing I gave up drinkin'... look at the sobriety test they're giving now!"

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