Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Club

Need someone to perform at an event? Some of our members may be available for hire. Please email the details of your event to Be sure to include the following information:

Name of event
Date of event
Time-frame for which the juggler needs to be present
RSVP date by which you need to hear from juggler
Location of event
Purpose of event / who benefits from proceeds
Type of performance (show, walkaround/atmosphere, teaching)
Description of performance area
Attire requested
Type of audience (kids, seniors, etc.)
Admission fee for those attending
Amount you will pay the juggler(s)
Name of contact person
Phone number of contact person
Email address of contact person

We will be happy to pass your request along to our group. Jugglers who are interested will contact you directly.

You can also contact area performer Zeemo directly. (Note: Are you a local performing juggler? Please drop us a line at to be added to this page.)

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