Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Club
Juggling Club Pictures

The following pictures were taken by Paul Southworth on the Diag, Saturday, April 22, 2000. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Clockwise, from the left, we have Dave L., Mattias, Bruce, Andreas, Paul's Right Foot, and Paul's Left Foot.

Dave, seeing Paul about to take a picture, quickly hides his face behind a flying club....

I think Paul caught a total of six clubs in midair here; yowza.

On the right we have Fred, about to catch a triple (unless he just threw it; wait, I'm confused. Someone figure this out for me.)

Left to right: Mattias, Fred, Dave, and Andreas (in mid kick-up). Hmm, where did that blue club come from? It looks like it just hit the ground a moment ago.

Andreas, doing his signature trick, "the slouch"

From left to right, Dave, Mattias, Fred, and Bruce attempt a "Y".

Once again, this time with feeling (and with Gilbert to cheer us on; or is he yawning?)

Micah and Andreas pass clubs; the rest of us take a break from the "Y" while Dave answers Fred's tax question.

Micah strikes a heroic pose.

Bruce attempts 5 clubs.
This is just a selection; you can also see the complete collection of pictures taken that day.

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