Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Club
Juggling Club Pictures - Cascadia 2000

The following pictures were taken by Paul Southworth during Cascadia 2000, May 6 and 7, at the Wide World of Sports.

Greg Fernandez of Novi, Michigan

Tossing over the back

Sorry, didn't catch your name...

Dave Lewis with five rings

Dave Brautigam showing off

Josh entertained between show & tell sessions

Josh with five balls, wide shot of arena

Noah kicking up into 8 club singles....

... and Josh snagged it.

The foot-to-chin toss

Alan "Mr. Tricks" Tilove and Ann Marie Ott passing rings,
Fergie meditates in the background.

Paul advertising concrete floor treatments

Paul and Ben trading

Wayne's Contact Juggling workshop

This was the only yoyo shot where you could see the yoyo.

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