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Noah's European Vacation

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8 June 1998

I was just in Paris and found a spot where jugglers go everyday to practice. It was a blast, because even though only a couple could speak English and I only speak severly broken French, we passed, shared tricks and experiences, and had a lot of fun.

I also met a Russian who had only been in Paris for a day. He was incredible. He only juggled footballs (soccer balls -- I've been in Europe too long) and ended his routine by spinning a hoop on his right ankle while standing on his left foot, bouncing a ball on his head, juggling two more in one hand and spinning a fourth with his other hand. He also juggled 4 balls while spinning the hoop and bouncing one on his head (shown above), and then (I believe after stopping the hoop) bounced the one off his head into a perfect pattern of 5 (soccer balls!). The pattern was huge and beautiful (probably triple or quad height if it were clubs). I was amazed. When I asked how long he had been a juggler he said "Well, I went to school in small balls, and only starting juggling the footballs 10 years ago...."

He went to school in "small balls." You've gotta love the Russian love of the arts.

So the club was -- um -- not bad. Of course our club is better :)


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