[1Macc 11:63] Then Jonathan heard that the officers of Demetrius had come to Kadesh in

Galilee with a large army, intending to remove him from office.

[64] He went to meet them, but left his brother Simon in the country.

[65] Simon encamped before Beth-zur and fought against it for many days and

hemmed it in.

[66] Then they asked him to grant them terms of peace, and he did so. He removed

them from there, took possession of the city, and set a garrison over it.

[67] Jonathan and his army encamped by the waters of Gennesaret. Early in the

morning they marched to the plain of Hazor,

[68] and behold, the army of the foreigners met him in the plain; they had set an

ambush against him in the mountains, but they themselves met him face to face.

[69] Then the men in ambush emerged from their places and joined battle.

[70] All the men with Jonathan fled; not one of them was left except Mattathias the

son of Absalom and Judas the son of Chalphi, commanders of the forces of the army.

[71] Jonathan rent his garments and put dust on his head, and prayed.

[72] Then he turned back to the battle against the enemy and routed them, and they


[73] When his men who were fleeing saw this, they returned to him and joined him

in the pursuit as far as Kadesh, to their camp, and there they encamped.