A Taste of the Ancient World:
A Small Filtered Jug


 Bird-shaped Jug
KM 2644
mid 4th-early 3rd c BC
Teano, Italy

This colorful bird-shaped jug was more than just a decorative object. In its hollow belly the bird held liquids which would be poured out through holes in its beak. The jug is filled through a small filtered opening on its back, next to a convenient, finger-sized carrying loop. For many years such jugs were thought to be baby bottles, their often whimsical shapes allowing them to function as toys as well. More recently, it has been proposed that such jugs were actually used to refill oil lamps.

Compare the function of this jug with a larger water-filtering jug from Karanis.

Compare the technique used to decorate this jug with other pottery from the Greek world.

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