Exhibitions at the Kelsey Museum involve the hard work of many Kelsey Museum staff members, student workers, and volunteers. I would like to thank the individuals listed below for their specific efforts, and the Kelsey Museum community as a whole for its support in the preparation, installation and ongoing maintenance of "Music in Roman Egypt." In addition, I would like to thank Traianos Gagos, Archivist of the University of Michigan Library's Papyrology Collection, and his assistant Paul Heilporn, who have provided essential help with the papyri in this exhibition, and Leyla Lau Lamb for her painstaking conservation work on these papyri. I would also like to thank the University Library for the generous loan of these papyri, and for the library's support of events connected with the exhibition. The idea for this exhibition began with my Winter 1996 First Year Seminar "The Archaeology of Roman Egypt," and I'd like to thank a student from that seminar, Jared Lampe, for getting me interested in researching the Karanis musical instruments in the first place. Finally, I owe a special debt of thanks to Adam Hyatt and Amy Bennett, the two students who were most actively involved in the research, preparation and installation of the exhibition and, in Adam's case, instrumental in the construction of the present website.

Terry G. Wilfong
Kelsey Museum Assistant Curator for Graeco-Roman Egypt
Exhibition Curator