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Gender and Religion artifacts

The funerary stela at left depicts a husband and wife performing acts of worship before the Mnevis bull. The husband stands in front, the wife behind.

The funerary stela at left depicts a priest making offerings to the goddess Isis, identified in the text as the "divine mother." 

At right a reconstructed sistrum, or rattle used in cultic worship, preserves a head of Hathor as well as a seated animal, probably a cat.

The silver cup above, presumably used for offerings, bears an inscription to "the Great Goddess," probably Hathor. 

At left a fragment from The Book of the Dead shows the goddess Ma'at presiding over the judgment of a dead person to see whether the deceased meets her standard of truth, order, rightness. 

The coffin fragment at right belonged to the coffin of a female musician for the god Amun. The votive cow head above is associated with the goddess Hathor.