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Articles on Kelsey objects in the:
Bulletin of the Museums of Art and Archaeology
University of Michigan


Article Author -- Article Subject Cost

3 (1980)

E. K. Gazda -- marble portrait of Polydeukion

G. M. Koeppel -- Roman architectural fragments


10 (1992-93)

S. Smithers -- seven Campanian votive heads

N. S. Estep -- two Egyptian wooden cats

 12 (1997-2000)

M.C. Root--Adams collection of prehistoric stamp seals

E. Bruehl--Kelsey squeezes from the 1925 excavation in the sanctuary of Tanit at Carthage

A. Leins--Islamic glass lusterware in the Kelsey

T.K. Thomas--"decorative devices" from the Kelsey textile collection



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