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1 (1975)

Field report

Mosaics (K. M. D. Dunbabin)

Pottery groups and typology (J. W. Hayes)

Pottery quantification system (J. A. Riley)

Coins (T. V. Buttrey)

Gems (M. Henig)

Conservation (A. Rosenberg)

ix + 203 pp., 35 pl., 8 color pl., 2 folding plans, figs., paperbound

2 (1975)

Geology (R. G. Bullard)

Stratigraphy (R. Brown, J. Humphrey)

Selected pottery deposits (J. W. Hayes)

Marbles (R. G. Bullard)

Glass (J. W. Hayes)

Review of Polish work in the circus (J. Humphrey)

Lamps in the Kelsey Museum (S. Sidebotham)

Photographs of Carthage in 1925

iv + 320 pp., 3 folding plans, figs., paperbound

3 (1976)

Southeast quarter of late Roman Carthage (J. W. Eadie, J. Humphrey)

Early Christian church (W. H. C. Frend)

Ecclesiastical complex stratigraphy (S. Ellis)

Other work (J. Humphrey)

Cisterns (R. L. Vann)

Faunal remains (D. Reese)

Bronze cross and Christian inscriptions (W. H. C. Frend)

vii + 173 pp., 8 folding plans, figs., paperbound

4 (1976)

Carthage in age of Augustine (F. Clover)

Field techniques and robber trenches (S. Ellis)

Pottery (J. W. Hayes)

Coins (T. V. Buttrey and R. B. Hitchner)

Typology of Punic pavement fragments (K. M. D. Dunbabin)

Paleoethnobotany (R. Ford and N. Miller)

viii + 189 pp., 13 pl., 4 color pl., figs., paperbound

5 (1977)

Age-rounding in Roman Carthage (R. P. Duncan-Jones)

Ecclesiastical complex stratigraphy (S. Ellis)

Architectural recording (R. L. Vann)

Coins (W. E. Metcalf and T. V. Buttrey)

Interpretation of coins (R. Hitchner)

xi + 270 pp., 6 pl., 5 folding plans, figs., clothbound

6 (1977)

Architecture of cisterns (R. L. Vann)

Cistern mortars (L. Davis)

Private and public water supply (H. Schwartz)

Stratigraphy of cisterns (S. Ellis, J. Humphrey)

Coins (W. E. Metcalf)

Pottery (J. A. Riley)

Ganymede and the eagle marble group (E. K. Gazda)

Four scientific studies of the statue group, faunal remains (D. Reese et al.)

Paleoethnobotany (E. Hoffman)

x + 268 pp., 5 pl., 4 color pl., figs., clothbound

7 (1977-78)

Carthage and the Vandals (F. Clover)

Belisarius' expedition against Carthage (L. Casson)

Byzantine Africa, the literary evidence (Averil Cameron)

Marine mosaic (K. M. D. Dunbabin)

Electrical resistivity survey (L. Davis)

Sedimentology (L. Davis)

Coins (W. E. Metcalf)

200 pp., 6 pl., 2 color pl., figs., clothbound


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