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Author Publication Information Cost
 Textiles from Karanis, Egypt in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: Artifacts of Everyday Life  T. K. Thomas  2001, 48 pp., 57 illus.  US$5.00
The Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii: Ancient Ritual, Modern Muse  ed. E.K. Gazda  2000, 262 pp,, 200 b&w illus, 10 color  US$32.50 

Leroy Waterman and the University of Michigan Excavations at Sepphoris, 1931: "The Scientific Test of the Spade"
E. K. Gazda & E. A. Friedland 1997, 21 pp., 15 illus. US$5.00

Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt: From Prehistory to Late Antiquity
T. G. Wilfong 1997, 104 pp., 60 illus. US$12.00

Images of Empire: Flavian Fragments in Rome and Ann Arbor Rejoined
E. K. Gazda and A. E. Haeckl 1996, 60 pp., 49 pls. US$12.00

Preserving Eternity: Modern Goals, Ancient Intentions
J. E. Richards & T. G. Wilfong 1995, 64 pp., illus. US$10.00

The Beginning of Understanding: Writing in the Ancient World
eds. M. L. Allen & T. K. Dix 1991, 158 pp., illus. US$10.00

Dangerous Archaeology: Francis Willey Kelsey and Armenia (1919-1920)
T. K. Thomas 1990, 72 pp., illus. US$8.00

Crowning Glories: Persian Kingship and the Power of Creative Continuity
M. C. Root 1990, 59 pp., illus. US$7.00

Napoleon's Legacy: The European Exploration of Egypt
P. K. Reister 1984, 38 pp., illus. US$4.00

The Art of Seals
M. C. Root 1984, 46 pp., illus. US$4.00

Karanis, An Egyptian Town in Roman Times: Discoveries of the University of Michigan Expedition to Egypt (1924-1935)
ed. E. K. Gazda 1983, 50 pp., 75 figs. US$8.00

In Pursuit of Antiquity: Thomas Spencer Jerome and the Bay of Naples (1899-1914)
ed. E. K. Gazda 1983, 26 pp., illus. US$5.00

A Victorian View of Ancient Rome: The Parker Collection of Historical Photographs
J. Keller & K. A. Breisch 1980, 38 pp., 7 pl. US$7.50

Wondrous Glass: Reflections on the World of Rome c. 50 BC-AD 650
M. C. Root with L. A. McCoy 1980, 48 pp., 28 pl., color US$8.00

Faces of Immortality: Egyptian Mummy Masks, Painted Portraits, and Canopic Jars
M. C. Root 1979, 61 pp., 37 figs. US$8.00

Islamic Art from the University of Michigan Collections
P. P. Soucek 1978, 60 pp., 23 figs. US$8.00

Greek Vases from Boston
S. C. Herbert 1976, 16 pp., illus. US$3.00


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