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Calendar of Events

This is a listing of the Calendar of Events at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology from 2000 till 2001. Sections include: Exhibitions , Events Related to Cavafy's World , Lectures , Family Days , and Other Events.

The Galleries

The Kelsey has two exhibit galleries: one for Greek and Roman material, the other for Near Eastern. Objects on display include this head of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Objects not currently on display can also be found under this heading.


The Kelsey has a long tradition of exhibiting its own collections and traveling shows. Here is a selection of both current and past exhibitions. The Kelsey Museum also collaborates in a number of on-line exhibits with other campus units.


The Kelsey Museum has carried out a number of excavations and surveys throughout the Mediterranean world, and continues to sponsor archaeological fieldwork involving University of Michigan faculty, staff and students. This web site includes descriptions of past fieldwork projects, with links to be added soon for recent and ongoing Kelsey-affiliated fieldwork.

Fieldwork Opportunity

Information about how you can be part of the Kelsey Museum's on-going fieldwork excavations in Kedesh, Israel.

The Roman Site of Karanis, Egypt

From 1924-1935 the Kelsey sponsored excavations at Karanis. During these years, many objects of daily life were recovered. Karanis: An Egyptian Town in Roman Times, is an on-line version of the 1983 exhibition catalogue about the site and the Kelsey Museum's activities there.

Maps of the Ancient World

Maps that will help you find your way around the ancient Mediterranean.


A catalogue of museum publications and how to order them. This web site includes an online version of the Kelsey Museum Newsletter.

Library Catalogue

The Kelsey Museum houses a small, non-circulating library with books and materials pertaining to the ancient world. The library's catalogue is on-line but under construction.

Registry Database Manual

Instructions for gaining access to the Kelsey Museum registry database, for researchers with access to the University of Michigan network. An additional web-based database is also available for researchers worldwide. An online manual of database content is in progress and is currently being added to our page.

Museum Policies

The Kelsey Museum's mission statement, as well as the standard operating policies for acquisitions, accessions, deaccessions and institutional loans are listed here.

Other On-Line Resources for Classical Art and Archaeology

A large number of resources for Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology are now on-line. These include exhibitions by other museums as well as collections of ancient texts and images.

Finding and Contacting the Kelsey.

Information on how to get to the Kelsey Museum and how to contact its staff.


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