Kol Hakavod has been around since 1993, so there are a lot of old KHK-ers out there. Here are a few:

NameDegreeYears in KHK
Emily AltmanEconomics & Math2005-2007
Lindsay AlexisPerforming Arts Management2009-2013
Gary AxelrodCommunications Studies1999-2003
David BeckerMathematics2007-2011
Jonathan BergerHistory & Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies1993-1997
Delfina Bonilla-CasselSpanish & Music2007-2009
David CarolineIndependent Concentration1995-1998
Jason ClaudeNear Eastern Studies2004-2006
Casey CohenArts and Ideas2001-2005
Andrew DavidPhysics2007-2011
Ben DuchanScreen Arts & Culture2010-2013
Ben DymeEnglish1996-2001
Will FarrarEngineering2009-2010
Hillary GinsbergBusiness2011-2012
Dina GoldwasserBachelor of Business Administration1995-1997
Alli GutwilligAnimal Behavior & Music2002-2006
Meital HaasChemical Engineering2009-2012
Ben HamburgerNeuroscience2003-2008
Jen JohnsonPsychology2007-2011
David KaplinskyTheater2009-2010
Etan KleinSpanish2002-2006
Jane KleymanStatistics2001-2006
Dave KoenigPop Music Production & Economics2008-2009
Noah LiebmanElectrical Engineering2003-2006
Julie MaltzmanEducation2000-2004
John McLaughlinPolitical Science2004-2005
Abe MorrisonTBA2005-2009
Gayle MyersonNeuroscience2006-2009
Emily NadisPsychology2006-2010
Rebecca NadisHistory2006-2009
Stephanie PersinEnglish2002-2006
Adam PolskyPolitical Science1993-1997
Jeremy PosnerEngineering2006-2010
Tori RothPolitical Science2003-2007
Jamie RubinsteinCommunication & Psychology2008-2012
Chelsea SchoenBiopsychology & Spanish2007-2011
Tamara SchweitzerEnglish2001-2004
Marc SehgalEngineering2006-2010
Dani ShertokComputer Engineering2001-2004
Tobias SingerMusic Theory2003-2006
Corey SlutskySports Management & Communications1997-2000
Jacob TaylorGerman & French2008-2012
Joey WilsonOrganizational Studies1995-1998
Kevin WinderEnglish2005-2009
Samantha WinterVoice2008-2010
David ZwicklEconomics2006-2010

If you would like your name added to the list, please send an email to, with your name, degree earned, and years in KHK. Please note that we may contact you for fundraising purposes, but not more that once per year. ;)