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KHK is full of fun, and attractive members. Here we share some of our deepest, darkest secrets (along with a few actual facts).

Jeremy Borison, Screen Arts and Culture. Class of 2015

Jeremy is studying film production in the department Screen Arts and Culture. When he is not videoing KHK for E True Hollywood Story, he loves to talk about Israel, play piano and rap in Hebrew. He loves the thrill of never knowing his voice part, and can be found at Hillel at most hours of the day.

David is a senior from Houston studying Informatics. He keep super busy around campus as part of an orchestra, the quidditch team, and of course, an a cappella group. His favorite movie is probably Kung Fu Panda, because honestly, it’s wonderful. He’s super excited about the return of Community and finally growing into his latent psychic powers. He loves adventures and trying new things, but ever since his bear fighting accident, he’s had trouble writing interesting bios. Nevertheless, he carries on!

David Brownman, Informatics. Class of 2014
Mara Chaben, Undecided. Class of 2017

Mara's home town is none other than Farmington Hills, Michigan and is so excited to join her fellow jews in singing in KHK. When she's not singing, she can be found doing yoga or kickin' it on NC (north campus). Mara enjoys camping, laughing, rubix cubes, greek life, and ice skating.

Nathan is a senior studying biopsychology and biological anthropology. When he is not wasting his life away in East and West hall or kicking it with the KHK basses (clearly the best section), you can find him making friends with wildlife in the Arb, cooking gourmet food, or dozing on his futon. Some fun facts about Nathan are that he can wiggle one ear at a time, touch his tongue to his nose, and has a secret weakness for 80s music.

Nathan Chesterman, Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. Class of 2014
Andrew Cohen, Spanish & Art and Design. Class of 2015

Andrew, in his endles quest to make up his mind, has transferred to the school of Art and Design. He hails from the sunny state of California and is still adjusting to life in the snow. When he's not busy thinking about everything Kol HaKavod, Andrew enjoys listening to Reggaeton and bustin' some HELLA sick dance moves! He has a passion for coffee, cats, and cool new places.

Noah Duchan is from Huntington Woods, Michigan like Ben Duchan. Noah is blonde unlike Ben Duchan. Noah is currently in the group and Ben Duchan is not. Noah Duchan is a tenor like Ben Duchan. Noah shows up to rehearsal a lot unlike Ben Duchan. Noah is an engineering student whereas Ben Duchan was not. As time goes on, the group slowly continues to realize that these two are not in fact the same person.

Noah Duchan, Engineering. Class of 2017
Elana Gantman, Acting. Class of 2015

Elana was unfortunately unavailable for comment, despite our paparazzi's tireless efforts.

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Sophie is a small town girl who took a midnight train (plane) close to south Detroit (Ann Arbor) to come to the University of Michigan for the tropical weather and amazing pizza. She studies the arts, and loves singing, and her family very much. Sophie is very excited to be a part of KHK because no one, except a group of Jews like KHK, loves napping and food as much as she does.

Sophie Goldberg, InterArts Performance. Class of 2017
Emily Goldstein, Math Education. Class of 2014

Emily is dual enrolled in LSA & SOE, with a major in secondary math education and a minor in secondary English education. When I'm not herding sheep at Kol Hakavod rehearsals, I enjoy singing in the shower, schmoozing around campus, and eating Amer's every single day. I am a proud coffee enthusiast, and I can solve a 5x5x5 Rubik's cube.

Ben is an enthusiastic member of KHK who one day hopes to become a doctor. He joined the group during his freshman year and couldn't be happier to be a part of the beautiful harmonies and melodies KHK has to offer. Majoring in BCN, Ben has his hands full with many premed courses but still has time to make rehearsals to spend time with some of his favorite people on campus.

Ben Greenberg, Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. Class of 2015
Nora Greenstein, Psychology. Class of 2015

Nora Greenstein is a junior studying psychology. When she's not attempting to psychoanalyze her peers, Nora can be found bouncing between Soprano and Alto voice parts. Her passions in life begin and end with Diet Coke, and she can often be found lingering by the vending machines in Hillel. Nora tries to be funny, but as shown by this blurb, clearly is not a humorous gal. She loves KHK though!

When Taylor is not at KHK practice, daydreaming about KHK, painting murals of KHK, or listening to KHK CD's on repeat, she can be found doing interpretative dances, (unless interrupted--see 'Taylor Takes A Tumble'), making obscene funny faces, or eating cheesy bread. In her remaining spare time, she studies Psychology and French and hopes to make a career out of performing. L'Chaim!

Taylor Henkin, Psychology. Class of 2015
Shira Kreitenberg, Organizational Studies. Class of 2015

Though she misses the sunny weather in California, Shira enjoys exploring the beautiful town of Ann Arbor, going on walks through the arb, attending Michigan football and basketball games, eating ethnic food, cleaning and organizing (weird, I know) and singing with Kol Hakavod! Shira is also an innovative songwriter and is getting ready to release her second CD!

Rachel Mazer is currently working on a dual degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance and American Culture in LS&A. Spending much of her time in a practice room with her saxophone, Rachel loves putting the load down and singing with her Kolhakalovers during rehearsals and performances. This crazy chick hopes to pursue a future career in music administration, but is keeping an open mind due to her exposure of the infamous epidemic swarming the streets of Ann Arbor: NADS, or Nebulous Academic Direction Syndrome.

Rachel Mazer, Jazz Saxophone & American Culture. Class of 2014
Jeff Rehberg, Electrical Engineering. Class of 2014

Jeff is a geeky engineer who isn't afraid of making funny noises with his mouth. While trying to relive his glory days of FIRST robotics, he has dabbled in many of UofM's engineering clubs such as the Mars Rover Design Team, Solar Bubbles, and Michigan Mobile Learning Apps. As part of KHK, Jeff is proud to have a solo on almost every song except Ani Ma'anim, where Brownman takes over the beatboxing.

Susie Robinson is Khk's little southern bell, raised in the beautiful state of Georgia. Studying psychology and enjoying every step of the way, she hopes to pursue a job working one-on-one with people. Susie loves yoga, walking in parks, trying vegetarian foods, traveling to new places, making and listening to calm music, thrift-store shopping, and having funny stories to tell in the morning. She stays busy studying, doing research, teaching a class on Wednesday nights and leading the business side of Khk. She believes life's too short not to enjoy each day that passes and hopes to inspire others to feel the same :)

Susie Robinson, Psychology. Class of 2014
Jake Rothenberg, Undecided. Class of 2016

Jake Rothenberg is a nice jewish boy from the northeast who is always down to sing some bass. He spends his extra time listening to phish concerts and having fun. Jake is so excited to be a part of Kol Hakavod, as it has given both great friends and great oppurtunities.

Zuss is a senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Community Action and Social Change and Judaic Studies. Basically, she wants to change the world. She is also involved in Greek Life, Dance Marathon. She is spending this semester "studying" abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She loves tea, pictures, Israel, her mplanner, and of course KHK.

Emily Zussman, Sociology. Class of 2014