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Hailin Peng
(Analytical Chemistry Graduate Student)
Background: I got my Bachlor

Current Research: My major is Physical Chemistry. My research focuses on the kinetics of reactions in diffusion-limited micro- (or nano- ) systems. I work with Sung-Hyun Park. We work both theoretically and experimentally. Theoretically we use MATLAB and the C Programming language to simulate reactions in various systems. Experimentally we use CCD to take images to follow the reaction kinetics.


Spatially and Temporally Resolved Studies of Convectionless Photobleaching Kinetics: Line Trap; Park, S. H.; Peng, H.; Parus, S.; Taitelbaum, H.; Kopelman, R.; J. Phys. Chem. A.; (Article); 2002; 106(33); 7586-7592

Anomalous growth of the depletion zone in the photobleaching trapping reaction. Sung Hyun Park; Hailin Peng; Raoul Kopelman; Panos Argyrakis; and Haim Taitelbaum. Phys. Rev. E; 67, 060103, 2003

Dynamics of the Depletion Zone at a Finite-Sized Imperfect Trap in 2D: Photobleaching Experiments and Simulations. Hailin Peng, Sung-Hyun Park, Panos Argyrakis, Haim Taitelbaum and Raoul Kopelman. Phys. Rev. E; (In press )

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