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KSA Culture Show Success
January 23, 2013

Hello KSA,

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Korean Student Association Culture Show SUMM(IT)! The show was a big success and if you didn't have a chance to go to the show or you couldn't get in the doors cause the tickets were all SOLD OUT, don't fret! There's still a chance to enjoy the show just as you would have if you were there via youtube. Visit the Michigan's Youtube Page and see all the awesome performances. Or even if you did make it out to the show watch the performances again!
Thanks again! I'll update you on any upcoming events!

-Caleb Yoon

It's a New School Year!
September 8, 2012

Hello Everyone,

It's a new school year! The Korean Student Association has a lot in store for you this year! If you haven't joined our Facebook group click HERE and join!

We also have a mass meeting this Thursday, September 13th. Click this link for more information. The dues for the year will be just $15, and best of all. FREE PIZZA! So make sure to come out! Lastly if you have any other questions please ask any of our board members and they would be happy to answer any questions for you. To find the contact information of our board members please direct yourselves to the link towards the top of the page and click on the link that says "Board" or click HERE.

-Caleb Yoon

Culture Show 2012!
January 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,
This year, KSA is trying to make an impact on our campus and our community by teaming up with the good people at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, and a portion of the profits from this show will go towards them and to help treat ill children.

Pre-sale for tickets will begin soon!!!! 


We have some great performances:

Fan Dance
Female Gayo
Seoul Juice
Dan Kim and the Blueberry Incident

...and our special guest: Lydia Paek!
Go check her out on her YouTube page: user/JUUKKES

For more information check out the Facebook Event page.

Also join us Friday night for our clubnight! Here is the link to the Facebook Event for the 2012 KSA Culture Show IMPACT KICK OFF PARTY. It's going to be bumping!!


Buffalo Wild Wings and Tailgate!
November 2, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Come join us at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight to support KSA! 20% of every meal you purchase will go towards future events! Find any KSA board member to find a flyer to do so, and you will also receive a 5 wing free coupon with the flyer. Thanks a lot guys. And find more info on the Facebook Event at this link.

Also KSA is holding a Tailgate this Saturday to watch Iowa get smacked by the Michigan Wolverines. Come join us at 1524 Geddes. Members get free food and drinks. Non-members must pay $5 to enter. We will also be accepting money for T-shirts and Membership so bring money for that if you haven't become a member yet! Link to the Facebook event here. RSVP!!


New School Year, New Webmaster
September 8th, 2011

Hello Everyone,

My name is Caleb Yoon and I will be your new Webmaster! If you read the blog/update below you will notice that I am succeeding Inyong Chung. I, like him, was reluctant to take on this position as the Webmaster, but Mr. President, James Oh, asked me to take on this responsibility solely because I am a Computer Science major. I took a web creations class in 9th grade in high school, which means I know absolutely nothing about web site design, so please encourage me while I learn the ropes and will try my best to make this site a reliable and useful resource for all of your KSA needs.

Let's have an awesome year KSA!


New School Year, New Webmaster
July 28, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Two years ago I was asked by my good friends Hanna Kim and Sam Moon to make the KSA website, solely because of the reason that I was a computer engineering major.
Having had no website experience, I was really reluctant to do it, but looking back, I am really glad that they asked me to do it.
I had a wonderful experience as the KSA Webmaster; it definitely was a valuable learning experience.

Caleb Yoon will be succeeding me as the new Webmaster, and I believe that he will do a really good job with maintaining the website.

For everyone who did visit the website, thank you for your patronage, and have a wonderful 2011-2012 school year!


KSA Culture Show 2011 "IGNITE" Website
February 19, 2011

Spent all night making this so everyone can enjoy the pictures and videos right away! Go to the Media page, or here's a shortcut:

January 25, 2011

Tickets. Get them. Note there's an iPad raffle.

The pre-show party:

The show:

He's got the T-Shirt, You Should Too
January 24, 2011

If you don't recognize who he is, you're wrong.

Posting Board Down
January 19, 2011

UPDATE: Fixed. Nice.

I think I crashed everything while playing around with it... I'm going to have to remake it. Fail.

The UM KSA Posting Board!
January 18, 2011

I created a posting board for people to use! It's in the menu as the "Posting" link! My intention is to make it a place for people to post job offerings, buy/sell things, ask questions--just post things up! Have fun!

Happy New Year! Mass Meeting Coming Up!
January 12, 2011

I hope everyone is having a good start of the Winter semester!
Also, thank you to those who came out to the semester's first Club Night!
We will be holding a Winter Semester Mass Meeting soon, check out for more details as it becomes available in the Events section!

November 30, 2010

Powderpuff Photos are Up!
October 27, 2010

Check them out at the Media Page!

Powderpuff was Awesome!
October 24, 2010

Title really says it all. The energy was intense in the field! Great job to everyone who participated! I'll be posting up photos soon, and my goodness, the pictures are awesome.

Enjoy Fall Break!
October 18, 2010

I hope you all are enjoying Fall Break!

Thank You for Attending the Tailgate! And Freshman Reps Info!
October 09, 2010

A big Thank You to those who came to the Tailgate! Hope you enjoyed the hot dogs and the burgers!

Also, the Freshman Representatives are chosen! But I'm not putting up any info until they send me the info themselves.
Got it, Freshman Reps?

Cosmetic Updates
October 05, 2010

Website looks prettier now! All thanks to my laziness to do homework!

Freshman Potluck - Thanks for Attending!
October 05, 2010

Thanks to all who came and ate some great food with the KSA Board! And for those who interviewed for Freshman Rep, it was great talking to you guys and good luck!

Board Info Update
October 03, 2010

Information on this year's KSA Board Members is now up! There are still some board members who didn't send me their info, but I'll have them updated once they send them to me!

New Site
September 27, 2010

I was having bigger ambitions for the new site, but due to the unavailability of some tools that I need to make the site have more capabilities, I'm going to have to be satisfied with something nearly the same as last year's. And I'm really late with the update... Sorry folks! But I'm going to update really well from now on! I promise! :D

New Website!

Come here! We're in the middle of changing the address! Once we've solved that, you will be redirected to the new website right away!

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 KSA Board!

Yeah, I'm late with the announcements, but here are the folks who will be leading the Korean Student Association next school year:

President - Sam Moon
Vice President - Daniel Jun
Treasurer - James Oh
Secretary - Sorah Park

Sports Chair - Taejoon Han
Arts Director - Peter Kim
Webmaster - Inyong Chung
Community Chair - Austin Yi
Publicity Chair - Grace Hong
Social Chair - Michelle Park
Culture Show Chair - David Kim
Culture Show Co-Chair - Rebecca Yi

Congratulations to these awesome individuals!
I'll be posting their profules as soon as I am officially start my break (which is not for another month? :P)

And if I follow through with my plans, we'll see some more changes..

Thank You for Participating the KSA Culture Show!
The culture show was a success! Thank you to everyone who came and watched! For those who were unable to attend, check out our YouTube Page!

KSA Culture Show Ticket/Valentine's Candy Gram Sale This Week!
The ever-so-wonderful KSA board will be stationed at the Posting Wall this week from Monday through Wednesday from 8~10 PM to sell KSA Culture Show Tickets and receive orders for Valentine's Candy Grams! KSA Culture Show pre-sale ticket price is $8.00, and Candy Grams are $3.00! But wait, there's more! We are offering a KSA Culture Show Ticket+Candy Gram combo package for $10.00! You're going to need tickets sooner or later, so come by and pick up your tickets! ...and if you have that special someone, send them a candy gram. Heh, candy grams remind me of high school times :D

Things happening in the Near Future (Involves Candies)!

Hello Everyone!

A lot of things are in store for you in the weeks to come!
First, there will be a Mandoo Pong event for the Sophomores this Friday from 8 to 10 PM at Chalet!
Secondly, KSA Culture Show tickets will be on sale beginning this Sunday! We will be stationed in Angell Hall for anyone who would like to purchase tickets!
Thirdly, We are selling Valentine's CandyGrams! They will be available for order along with Culture Show tickets beginning Sunday! They will be $3 each, but combo pricing with a Culture Show ticket and bulk pricing is available! More details to come!
I think we're also selling 라면!

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a wonderful 2009!
And to make 2010 start off with awesomeness, there's a New Year's Party in the first week of the semester!
Check the Events Page for details!

Buffalo Wild Wings!

KSA is going to have a Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser next Monday, December 7!
Bring our flyer to B'Dubs that day, and a percentage of their sales come to us!
Good food and good help! How awesome is that!
Check our Events Page for Details!

Freshmen Representatives!

Say hello to this year's KSA Freshmen Representatives:

B.J. Kim
Perry Ahn
Irene Ko

Welcome to the board!

Their information will be up on the Board Member Information Page as soon as they send them to me.

Chusok Pictures Uploaded
Check them out in the Media Page!

Chusok Dinner: Thank You for Attending!
Webmaster, 10/05/2009
Thanks to everyone who came to the Chusok Dinner! I hope you all had a great time eating awesome Korean food and watching the performances!
Pictures will be up as soon as I receive them! Check the Media Page for the update!
Also many thanks to the Korean International Student Association and Shinaboro for making this happen!

Come to the Chusok Dinner!
Webmaster, 09/30/2009
See the flyer in the Events Page for details!

Successful Club Night!
Webmaster, 09/20/2009
Thank you to all those who supported us by coming to our Club Night! I hope you all had a lot of fun! I sure did!