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Research in the Lahann Lab focuses on surface engineering, advanced polymers, biomimetic materials, engineered microenvironments, and nano-scale self-assembly.

Here is some of the latest news about the exciting research happening in the Lahann Lab:

Lahann Lab News

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Kyung Jin receives the Korean Research Foundation's Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Korean Research Foundation's Postdoctoral Fellowship is one of the most competitive, prestigious fellowships in Korea. Congratulations Kyung Jin!

Hima's Paper is Published in Nature Protocols

H. Nandivada, L. G. Villa-Diaz, K. S. O'Shea, G. D. Smith, P. H. Krebsbach, J. Lahann, "Fabrication of Synthetic Polymer Coatings and Their Use in Feeder-Free Culture of Human Embryonic Stem Cells", Nature Protocols (2011) 6, 1037-1043.

Xiaopei and Christian's Paper is Published in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.

X. Deng, C. Friedmann, J. Lahann, "Bio-Orthogonal "Double-Click" Chemistry Based on Multifunctional Coatings", Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2011) 50, 6522-6526.

Professor Lahann's Review Paper on Multicompartmental Particles is Featured in Small

Anisotropic Articles 2011

J. Lahann "Recent Progress in Nano-biotechnology: Compartmentalized Micro- and Nanoparticles via Electrohydrodynamic Co-jetting", Small, (2011) 7(9), 1149-1156.

Srijanani successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Bhaskar!

Kyung Jin's paper gets published in the journal Macromolecular Rapid Communications


K. J. Lee, S. Hwang, J. Yoon, S. Bhaskar, T.-H. Park, J. Lahann, "Compartmentalized photoreactions within compositionally aniostropic Janus microstructures", Macromolecular Rapid Communications, (2011) 32(5), 431-437.

Hsien-Yeh's paper gets published in the journal Langmuir


H.Y. Chen, J. Lahann, "Designable Biointerfaces Using Vapor-Based Reactive Polymers", Langmuir (2011) 27(1), 34–48 (feature article, cover article).

Professor Lahann Is Accepted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)

Professor Joerg Lahann has been accepted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE). He was selected for this honor by his peers in recognition of his outstanding research accomplishments in medical and biological engineering. The awards ceremony is scheduled for February 21, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Congratulations!

Hsien-Yeh's paper gets published in the journal JACS

H.Y. Chen, M. Hirtz, X. Deng, T. Laue, H. Fuchs, J. Lahann, "Substrate-Independent Dip-Pen Nanolithography Based on Reactive Coatings", JACS (2010) 132(51), 18023–18025.

Hima's paper gets published in Nature Biotechnology

L. G. Villa-Diaz*, H. Nandivada*, J. Ding, N. C. Nogueira-de-Souza, P. H. Krebsbach, K. Sue O'Shea, J. Lahann and G. D. Smith "Synthetic polymer coatings for long-term growth of human embryonic stem cells", Nature Biotechnology (2010), 28(6), 581-583. [*co-first-authors]

Hima successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Nandivada!

Srijanani wins Rackham Predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations!

Dr. Lahann wins College of Engineering Research Excellence Award. Congratulations!

Hima and Aftin's paper gets published in Progress in Polymer Science

H. Nandivada, A. M. Ross, J. Lahann, "Stimuli responsive monolayers for biotechnology", Progress in Polymer Science (2010), 35(1-2), 141-154.

Dong Woo's paper gets accepted for publication in the journal Macromolecular Rapid Communications

D. W. Lim, S. Hwang, O. Uzun, F. Stellacci, J. Lahann, "Compartmentalization of Gold Nanocrystals in Polymer Microparticles Using Electrohydrodynamic Co-jetting" Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2010), 31(2), 176-182.

Srijanani's paper gets published in the journal Small


S. Bhaskar, K. M. Pollock, M. Yoshida, J. Lahann, "Towards Designer Microparticles: Simultaneous Control of Anisotropy, Shape, and Size" Small (2010), 6(3), 404-411.

New "click" chemistry book edited by Prof. Lahann

Click chemistry for biotechnology and material science
Edited by J. Lahann, Wiley NY, 2009.

Mutsumi and Kyung-Ho's paper gets published in the journal Advanced Materials

M. Yoshida, K-H. Roh, S. Mandal, S. Bhaskar, D. W. Lim, H. Nandivada, X. Deng, J. Lahann. "Structurally Controlled Bio-hybrid Materials Based on Unidirectional Association of Anisotropic Microparticles with Human Endothelial Cells" Advanced Materials (2009), 21(48), 4920-4925.

Check out interview with Prof. Lahann on Materials Views

Prof. Lahann talks about exciting research happening in the lab.

Suparna and Srijanani's paper gets published in the journal Macromolecular Rapid Communications

S. Mandal, S. Bhaskar, J. Lahann. "Micropatterned Fiber Scaffolds for Spatially-Controlled Cell Adhesion" Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2009), 30(19), 1638-1644.

Seventh Sense Biosystems Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant from Gates Foundation

Paper describing vapor-based superhydrophobic reactive polymer coatings gets published in Chemical Vapor Deposition

Y. Elkasabi, H. Nandivada, H-Y Chen, S. Bhaskar, J. D'Arcy, L. Bondarenko, J. Lahann. "Partially Fluorinated Poly-p-xylylenes Synthesized by CVD Polymerization" Chemical Vapor deposition (2009), 15(4-6), 142-149.

Aiwu's paper gets published in Soft Matter

A. Sun and J. Lahann. "Dynamically Switchable Biointerfaces" Soft Matter , (2009) 5(8), 1555-1561.

Srijanani's paper gets published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

S. Bhaskar, J. Hitt, S-W. L. Chang, J. Lahann. "Multicompartmental Microcylinders" Angew Chemie Int Ed , (2009) 48(25), 4589-4593.

This article was also highlighted in Nature Chemistry

Srijanani's paper gets published in Journal of American Chemical Society

S. Bhaskar, J. Lahann. "Microstructured Materials based on Multicompartmental Fibers" JACS , (2009) 131(19), 6650-6651.

Abbass's paper gets accepted in the journal Small

A. Kazemi, J. Lahann. "Environmentally-Responsive Core/Shell Particles via Electrohydrodynamic Co-Jetting of Fully Miscible Polymer Solutions" Small (2008), 4(10), 1756-1762.

Srijanani's paper gets accepted in Macromolecular Rapid Communications

S. Bhaskar, K-H. Roh, X. Jiang, G. L. Baker J. Lahann. "Spatioselective Modification of Bicompartmental Polymer Particles and Fibers via Huisgen 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition" Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2008), 29(20), 1655-1660.

Hsien-Yeh and Joe's paper gets accepted in Advanced Materials

H-Y. Chen, J. H. Lai, X. Jiang, J. Lahann. "Substrate-Selective Chemical Vapor Deposition of Reactive Polymer Coatings" Advanced Materials (2008), 20(18), 3474.

David's paper gets published in Nano Letters

D. K. Peng, A. A. Ahmadi, J. Lahann. "A Synthetic Surface that Undergoes Spatiotemporal Remodeling" Nano Letters (2008), 8(10), 3336-3340.

Mutsumi's paper gets published in ACS Nano

M. Yoshida, J. Lahann. "Smart Nanomaterials" ACS Nano (2008), 2(6), 1101-1107.

News and Views in Nature Nanotechnology by Dr. Lahann

J. Lahann. "Environmental nanotechnology - Nanomaterials clean up" Nature Nanotechnology (2008), 3(6), 320-321.

Hsien-Yeh's paper gets published in Analytical Chemistry

H-Y. Chen, A. McClelland, Z. Chen, J. Lahann. "Solventless Adhesive Bonding Using Reactive Polymer Coatings" Analytical Chemistry (2008), 80(11), 4119-4124.

Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen with Dr. Lahann at Spring Commencement 2008

David and Hsien-Yeh officially received their doctoral degrees at the Spring commencement on April 25th, 2008. Congratulations!

Yaseen, Mutsumi, Hima and Hsien-Yeh get a Feature article accepted in Macromolecular rapid communications

Y. Elkasabi, M. Yoshida, H. Nandivada, H.Y. Chen, J. Lahann, "Towards Multipotent Coatings: Chemical Vapor Deposition and Biofunctionalization of Carbonyl-Substituted Co-polymers" Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2008), 29(11), 855-871.

Xuwei, Hsien-Yeh, Gemma, and Mutsumi get a paper accepted in Advanced Functional Materials

X. Jiang, H.-Y. Chen, G. Galvan, M. Yoshida, J. Lahann. "Vapor-based initiator coatings for atom transfer radical polymerization" Advanced Functional Materials (2008) 18, 27-35.

Hsien-Yeh gets a paper accepted in Advanced Materials

S. Thevenet, H. Y. Chen, J. Lahann, F. Stellacci, "A generic approach towards nanostructured surfaces based on supramolecular nanostamping on reactive polymer coatings" Advanced Materials (2007), 19, (24), 4333-4337.

Hima and Xuwei get a review paper accepted in Advanced Materials

H. Nandivada, X. Jiang, J. Lahann. "Click Chemistry: Versatility and control in the hands of materials scientists" Advanced Materials (2007) 19, 2197-2208.

Joerg wins the AIChE Young Investigator Award

Joerg will receive the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (NSEF) Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes outstanding interdisciplinary research in nanoscale science and engineering by a scientist or engineer in the early stages of their professional career.

Hsien-Yeh gets a paper accepted in Advanced Materials

H.-Y. Chen, J. Lahann. “Vapor-Assisted Micropatterning in Replica Structures: A Solventless Approach towards Topologically and Chemically Designable Surfaces” Advanced Materials (2007) 19(22), 3801-. Vapor-assisted micropatterning in replica structures (VAMPIR) provides a simple method for fabricating both chemically and topologically designable surfaces based on chemical vapor deposition polymerization.

David gets a paper accepted in Langmuir

D.K. Peng, J. Lahann. “Chemical, Electrochemical, and Structural Stability of Low-Density Self-Assembed Monolayers” Langmuir (2007) in press. The long-term stability of switchable surfaces is tested in a variety of storage conditions.

Hsien-Yeh gets a paper published in PNAS

H.-Y. Chen, J.-M. Rouillard, E. Gulari, J. Lahann. "Colloids with High-Definition Surface Structures" PNAS (2007) 104, 27, 11173-11178.

Hsien-Yeh wins best poster at Gordon Research Conference

Best Poster at Gordon Research Conferences in Aussois, France.

Mutsumi and Kyung Ho get a paper published in Biomaterials

M. Yoshida, K.H. Roh, J. Lahann. "Short-term biocompatibility of biphasic nanocolloids with potential use as anisotropic imaging probes" Biomaterials (2007) 28, 15, 2446-2456.

Kyung Ho gets a cover paper published in Langmuir

K.H. Roh, M. Yoshida, J. Lahann. "Water-stable Biphasic Nanocolloids with Potential Use as Anisotropic Imaging Probes" Langmuir (2007) 23, 10, 5683-5688.

The Lahann Lab gets a highlight in Science News

Our work on biomedical coatings is highlighted in Science News (volume 175, number 5, page 75).

David gets a paper published in Langmuir

Kyung Ho wins the Charles Overberger Award

Yaseen gets a cover paper in Advanced Materials

The Lahann Lab gets a highlight in Michigan Today