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Journal Articles


K.H. Roh, D.C. Martin, J. Lahann, "Biphasic Janus particles with nanoscale anisotropy", Nature Materials (2005) 4, 759-763.

Anisotropic material distribution can be induced at the nanometer scale by the use of electrified jetting. Side-by-side dual capillaries were employed to expose two distinct parallel polymer solutions to an electrical field simultaneously. The individual phases of the resulting polymer-based Janus particles can be independently loaded with biomolecules or selectively modified with reactive ligands.

H. Nandivada, H. Y Chen, J. Lahann, "Vapor-Based Synthesis of Poly[(4-formyl-p-xylylene)-co-(p-xylylene)] and Its Use for Biomimetic Surface Modifications", Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2005) 26, 1794-1799.

The synthesis of a reactive polymer, poly(4-formyl-p-xylylene-co-p-xylylene), via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymerization is reported. Moreover, usefulness of these polymer coatings for biomimetic surface modifications is demonstrated.

2005Analytical Chemistry HY Chen

H.Y. Chen, J. Lahann, "Fabrication of Discontinuous Surface Patterns within Microfluidic Channels Using Photodefinable Vapor-Based Polymer Coatings", Analytical Chemistry (2005) 77, 6909-6914.

Spatially controlled protein adsorption via photopatterning of reactive coatings deposited within microchannels.


J. Lahann, R. Langer, "Smart Materials with Dynamically Controllable Surfaces", MRS Bulletin (2005) 30, 3, 185-188.


H.Y. Chen, J. Lahann, "Preparation of Non-Fouling Coatings Made by Chemical Vapor Deposition Polymerization", Polymer Preprints (2005) 46(2), 1280-1281

J. Lahann, "Bio-Functional Polymer Coatings Based on Chemical Vapor Deposition", PMSE Preprints (2005) 92, 39-40.