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cvd 2014

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A novel solventless adhesive bonding (SAB) process is reported, which is applicable to a wide range of materials including, but not limited to, poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS). The bonding is achieved through reactions between two complementary polymer coatings, poly(4-aminomethyl- p-xylylene- co- p-xylylene) and poly(4-formyl- p-xylylene- co- p-xylylene), which are prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymerization of the corresponding [2.2]paracyclophanes and can be deposited on complementary microfluidic units to be bonded. These CVD-based polymer films form well-adherent coatings on a range of different substrate materials including polymers, glass, silicon, metals, or paper and can be stored for extended periods prior to bonding without losing their bonding capability.

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Various surfaces can successfully be coated with reactive polymer coatings and then patterned with DNA features using supramocular nanostamping (SuNS). Surfaces as different as silicon, quartz, polystyrene, PMMA and PDMS have been patterned using the same protocol. In addition to the previously demonstrated high resolution and high information transfer of SuNS this approach makes it a substrate-independent method.

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Nanoparticles are excellent candidates for drug delivery or biomedical imaging, because they often exhibit superb tuneability of critical properties, such as size, surface characteristics, degradation rate, and therefore drug release rates. We have recently developed a route towards fabrication of sub-micron particles that relies on electrohydrodynamic co-jetting. In this process, fluid manipulation in an electrical field is used to fabricate large quantities of multi-compartment particles, where individual compartments can be independently loaded with different drugs or selectively surface-modified. In this contribution, aspects of multifunctional particles for biomedical applications are reviewed and a specific focus is given to recent progress with compartmentalized, multiphasic nanocolloids in our laboratory.

2007-Advanced Material

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Vapor-assisted micropatterning in replica structures (VAMPIR) provides a simple method for fabricating both, chemically and topologically designable surfaces based on chemical vapor deposition polymerization. The images show surface microstructures containing fluorescence-labeled proteins or quantum dots.

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A highthroughput projection lithography technique was applied on micro-spheres which were modified previously by photodefinable CVD polymer. This method can yield surface-structured colloidal particles at a rate of 107 to 108 particles per operator per day. Equipped with spatially defined binding pockets, microstructured colloids can engage in programmable interactions, which can lead to directed self-assembly. The ability to create a wide range of colloids with both simple and complex surface patterns may contribute to the genesis of previously unknown colloidal structures and may have important technological implications in a range of different applications, including photonic and phononic materials or chemical sensors.

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