Novell at University of Michigan

Novell Infrastructure and Campus License Ends

The university's campus-wide Academic License Agreement (ALA) with Novell ended June 30, 2009, and ITCS discontinued support of the Novell infrastructure. Any unit, department, or individual using Novell software through the university’s license must remove the software from all equipment. Novell software includes the following:

  • NetWare
  • ZENworks Desktop Management
  • ZENworks Server Management
  • ZENworks Configuration Management
  • GroupWise
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Open Enterprise Server (OES)

ITCS first instituted the Novell directory tree, known as the Michigan Tree, in 1993. It served many campus units well for years, but after some time, newer technologies began to take hold. As the number of users of Novell declined, it became less financially viable for ITCS to continue the licensing and support. In 2005, ITCS began to explore the discontinuation of Novell, and, in extended consultation with the remaining Novell administrators on campus, eventually decided to end the service and associated licenses after a long phase-out period.

Most Novell users on campus have moved or are moving to Windows and Active Directory for services similar to those of Novell.

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